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Rockwellian National Socialism refers to political movements in the Anglosphere, especially the United States, after the Second World War who have adopted some of the external imagery of the NSDAP which ruled Germany under Adolf Hitler.


The best known organisation associated with this was the American Nazi Party of George Lincoln Rockwell, founded in 1959. There is much debate as to whether or not this movement actually consists of 1930s national socialism or was instead a kind of American conservative movement which had adopted some NS imagery based on the contrarian eccentricity of Rockwell (from a family of vaudeville actors) as part of a response to the Black-Jewish-Marxist Revolution called the "civil rights movement". Rockwell emerged from the American conservative movement having backed General Douglas MacArthur for President and working briefly for William F. Buckley’s National Review magazine.


Because the costume wearers are usually the most outwardly eccentric and given the most coverage by the Jewish mass media in countries which fought on the Allied side during World War II (especially the Anglosphere) as a kind of ridiculous circus affair, some people who have just awakened to national conciousness and are finding their feet are hooked into these go-knowhere, do-nothing, clownish groups. This usually has very negative enemy propaganda consequences when a nationalist more fully develops his platform and becomes part of a serious party later. The rise of Holocaustianity as a religion and the revived Hollywood Nazism film industry in the late 1970s is directly related to Jewish psyop manipulation of the costume wearers in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Part of the intention of this was to try and make people in the Anglosphere sympathetic to Jews and the Zionist state in the Arab–Israeli conflict

NF example: media propaganda exploitation

An example of media anti-national exploitation of this in action can be taken from the case of the National Front in the United Kingdom. During the late 1970s, the NF were becoming very popular and masses of people strongly identified with their message; there was a very real possibility that the NF may get some Members of Parliament elected. The perfect storm existed for national liberation, with anti-communism high due to the Cold War, the economy in tatters and many working-class people feeling the strain of competition for jobs as a result of the coloured invasion. However, before joining the NF, John Tyndall who was then leader of the party, had briefly been involved with the Rockwell-inspired, uniformed National Socialist Movement circus under Colin Jordan for two years in the 1960s.

The Jewish supremacist, Marxist and capitalist enemies of the people in the media took full advantage of this fact and in every single report the BBC made about the party, pictures of Tyndall in the uniform were shown, the "Neo-Nazi" epithet was attached, allusions to World War II and "Auschwitz" were propagated. The BBC even rolled out a TV series called "The Holocaust" in the weeks leading up to the election of 1978. This propaganda campaign was very effective in brainwashing the general public against standing up for their own interests by voting for the NF and the costume wearing idiocy of the NSM (which the NF did not originate from, but some members had briefly been part) was key to making the demonisation campaign seem congruent to the general public.


  • During the short time it existed, I managed to get only couple bulletins from the U.S. Nationalist Party. If I recall, much of their invective was aimed at George Lincoln Rockwell and his so-called ‘American Nazi Party’ whom they termed ‘nutzis.’ Weiss’s ally Thompson was a real SS man and also both contemptuous and suspicious of Rockwell. Rockwell, at best, was a just a conservative with a taste for Jew-baiting and wearing the swastika. Like Thompson, I think Rockwell was worse. Rockwell supported U.S. foreign policy which included the continued occupation of Europe. That, in turn, would lead to the de-industrialization of Europe and the mass Third World immigration.Maury Knutson on the rivalry between Rockwell's "costume Nazis" and the Yockeyites

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  • Francis Parker Yockey – the Yockeyites were rivals of Rockwellians and arguably closer to actual National Socialism.

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