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The rarely photographed H. Keith Thompson in 1954.

Charles Harold Keith Thompson Jr. (17 September 1922 – 3 March 2002) was an influential self-identified American fascist.

Leftist Wikipedia makes various dubious claims regarding Thompson, such as supposedly being a founder of the supposed ODESSA organization, despite that Wikipedia itself states that "the existence of an organization called ODESSA is rejected by most experts".

Some associations include with the Friends of New Germany, the German American Bund, the Sicherheitsdienst, the America First Committee, the National Renaissance Party, the Socialist Reich Party, Otto Ernst Remer, the Institute for Historical Review, and Francis Parker Yockey.

"Thompson then discovered how the ADL operated as agents provocateurs among the Right, and why they are often “the most dependable source of funds.”" [...] Of particular concern to the FBI was Thompson’s series of articles in the monthly journal Expose detailing not only his life as an “American Fascist,” but also what he knew of FBI, ADL and Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League activities and the role of the ADL in funding “anti-Semitic” and “neo-nazi” groups, such as the National Renaissance Party. Thompson used the series of articles as an opportunity to show that “anti-Semitism in the United States is in no small measure directed and financed by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League (NANL). In particular a paid ADL and NANL agent, Mana Truhill, a petty criminal, had attained a leading position in the NRP. Truhill was a Communist who had been instructed at the Communist party’s Jefferson School of Social Science. Thompson regarded the NRP as thoroughly compromised and used by the ADL and others. He made it clear to the FBI that he had a collection of affidavits, obtained for legal purposes in connection with the Expose series, showing the reprehensible actions of certain FBI agents."[1] See also Anti-Defamation League, Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League, and COINTELPRO.

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