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The German American Bund was an American pro-National Socialist Germany organization. It is frequently described as a successor of the Friends of the New Germany, a NSDAP-associated organization, but the German American Bund received no financial or verbal support from Germany. On the contrary, German Ambassador expressed his disapproval and in 1938 the German government decreed that no German nationals could be a member of the German American Bund and that no NSDAP emblems were to be used by the organization.

Despite this, some sources claim support from Germany, although this may possibly refer to German support for the Friends Of The New Germany, which seem to be sometimes confused or deliberately misleadingly conflated with the German American Bund. There have also been numerous dubious and wildly varying claims regarding the organization, see the "External links" section.

Members were mostly German Americans. It published the newspaper Deutscher Weckruf und Beobachter.

The stated main goal of the organization was to promote a favorable view of National Socialist Germany, but widely published rallies and other actions may instead have caused embarrassment and negative views, possibly an early variant of Hollywood Nazism and/or due to how the organization was framed in hostile mass media.

In 1939, a New York tax investigation claimed that the leader Fritz Julius Kuhn had embezzled fund from the German American Bund and he was sentenced to two and a half to five years in prison for tax evasion and embezzlement. The organization declined and dissolved in 1941, possibly in association with claimed illegal counseling of members of draft age to evade conscription, possibly due to various repressions.

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