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Teutonia Association also known variously as the Teutonia Clubs, Teutonia Society, Free Society of Teutonia, Free Union Teutonia, Independent Society of Teutonia and National Socialistic Society of Teutonia, (in German as Nationalsozialistische Vereinigung Teutonia)[1] was the first National Socialist-oriented organization to appear in the United States.


The group was organized on October 12, 1924[2] in Chicago by four German immigrants.[3] The group's office was located at 2142 Barry Avenue.[4]Three of those German immigrants were brothers Peter, Andrew, and Fritz Gissibl. Fritz Gissibl was with Hitler during the Munich Putsch.[5] Later the organization was also referred to as the National Socialist Society Teutonia, [6] the National Socialist Labor Party of Germany in America,[7] and Friends of the Hitler Movement.[8]

By 1932 the group had branches in five American cities with a membership around 500.[9] The group’s leader was Fritz Gissibl.

The Friends of New Germany essentially replaced the Teutonia Association in 1933 which was disbanded the previous year.[10]

Deutsche Zietung was the official newspaper of the Teutonia Association edited by Walter Kappe.[11] [12] The paper Vorposten was also issue in association with Teutonia.

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