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Friedrich Gissibl also Fritz Gissibl (born March 9, 1903) was the leader of three German-American National Socialist organizations. Gissibl was an early supporter of National Socialism and marched with Hitler during the Munich Putsch.[1]

Gissibl was born in Nuremberg, Germany and came to America in December 1923--a month later after the attempted putsch. He co-founded the Teutonia Association in Detroit in October 1924.[2] Fritz Gissibl was a printer by trade and was employed for a period by the Chicago Daily News.

After the dissolution of the Teutonia Association in 1932 he headed its successor organization the Friends of New Germany from 1933 to March 27, 1934.[3] and later was the founding leader of the German American Bund.

Fritz Gissibl is noted as being the first individual to officially raise the swastika on American soil with the opening of the German exhibit at the 1933 World’s Fair.[4] His brother was Peter Gissibl.

He returned to Germany in March 1936 and founded Zentrale der Kameradschaft-USA in 1938. During the war he was the SS Obersturmbannführer in Poland 1941 to 1944. After the war he spent 18 months in a "de-nazification" prision.


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