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Peter P. Gissibl (October 2, 1900 - September 1976) of Chicago was one of the founders of the Teutonia Society and later the German American Bund. Born in Nuremberg, Germany he entered the United States on May 10, 1923 and became a naturalized American on April 29, 1929. In February 1925 he became a founding member of the Teutonia Society. Peter Gissibl was a member of the NSDAP from 1922 to 1927.[1]

Peter Gissibl was president of the German American Business League Deutscher Konsum Verband a branch of the German American Bund. He resigned from the German American Bund on May 18, 1938 over a disagreement with Fritz Kuhn concerning the Bund’s policies, largely over the Jewish question.[2]

Peter Gissibl became a paid government witness at seventeen trials testifying against Bund members who were in proceedings to revoke their American citizenship.[3] During the Great Sedition Trial he was the prosecution's first government witness.

He had two brothers who helped to found Teutonia, Andrew Gissibl and Fritz Gissibl. Peter Gissibl was employed as a tailor. He died in the Tampa, Florida area in September 1976.