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George Froboese (1900 - June 16, 1942) was the author of the 1938 book German American Bund. Froboese was from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was the Bund’s Midwest leader. He became the third leader of the Bund after Gerhard Wilhelm Kunze fled to Mexico and was captured.

He was born in Hanover, Germany and arrived in Milwaukee in October 1, 1922.

In 1936 Froboese along with German American Bund leader Fritz Kuhn and his lieutenants: Karl Arndt, Rudolph Markmann, Karl Weiler traveled to the Berlin Olympics and were received by Adolf Hitler.[1] [2]

George Froboese committed suicide in Waterloo, Indiana by laying his head on the track and was decapitated by an oncoming train. At the time he was traveling to New York to appear before a Federal grand jury.[3]


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