National Renaissance Party

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National Renaissance Party
Political position American nationalism
Social nationalism
White nationalism
Leader Kurt Mertig
James Madole
Country United States
Existence 1949–1980
Headquarters New York City
Colours Red, white, blue

The National Renaissance Party was founded by Kurt Mertig in January 1949 in Yorkville, New York City. The name of the party was chosen from a quote in Hitler’s Political Testament, that after Hitler’s death “the seed of radiant renaissance of the National Socialist Movement.” would spring up.


Support for the party came from the pro-Hitler German-American community of Yorkville where street meetings were often held at the corner of 88th Street and York Avenue. The party was founded from older elements of the Christian Front, German-American Bund, Citizens Protective League and the Nationalist Action League.

James Madole replaced Kurt Mertig as leader of the NRP although Fred Weiss was considered to be the real influence upon the party.[1] In 1953 the party had a uniformed "Elite Guard"--modern day stromtroopers--under the joint leadership of Matt Koehl (later Commander of the National Socialist White People's Party) and Hans Schmidt. In May 1963 a new self-defense formation was created called the Security Echelon (SE).

The party published the National Renaissance Bulletin. Fred Weiss was the main writer whose essays often appeared under Madole’s name. Einar Aberg of Norrviken, Sweden also contributes to the publication.

In the 1960s and 1970s the party became more occult-oriented developing ties with Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan.[2] LaVey, a Jew born Howard Stanton Levey, would claim to be a card-carrying member of the party.[3]

The National Renaissance Party lasted until 1980. Party membership at any one time had been estimated from 50 to a few hundred. The offices of the party were located at 317 East 54th Street, New York City.


  • Brotherhood with the headlines concerning the Jews: "In Russia they Execute Them the Prague and Beria Way! In U.S.A. They Promote Them the Dexter White Way!" (ca. 1954)
  • The Jewish War Against the German People (ca. 1955)
  • Two Attitudes & Two Records (ca. 1957)
  • Who Is The Real Enemy (1958)
  • Ten Years


FBI file on National Renaissance Party [1]

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FOIA FBI files

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