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The National Renaissance Party (NRP) was an American fascist party founded in 1949 by James Hartung Madole. Madole is claimed to have been influenced by theosophy. It received some attention during the 1960s and 1970s for its involvement in protests and claimed planned rioting in New York City. After Madole's death in 1979, the party faded and had completely disappeared by 1981.

By 1954, government investigators, although unable to determine the exact size of the party, estimated its membership to be between 200 and 700, although historian John George thought that NRP membership never exceeded 50 at any given time.

The NRP published a journal, The National Renaissance, which was more widely influential than its activities in New York City.

Leftist Wikipedia makes claims such that Madole was "a pivotal figure in the development of post-war occult-fascism" and an important supporter of Francis Parker Yockey.

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