National Socialist White People's Party (1967-1983)

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The National Socialist White People’s Party (NSWPP) was founded on January 1, 1967 by George Lincoln Rockwell. The group was the successor to Rockwell’s American Nazi Party (ANP). Later that year (August 25) Rockwell was assassinated by former party member John Patler; the party continued under the leadership of Matt Koehl. In November 1982 Koehl announced a change the direction of the NSWPP and formed New Order a quasi-religious group that revered Adolf Hitler.

In keeping with the new direction, Rockwell adopted the slogan “White Power” replacing “Sieg Heil” as a rallying cry. The new strategy would be to capitalize on growing support in the wake of successful rallies in Chicago and to focus the organization’s commitment to a universal white nationalism as opposed to Nordic or Anglo-Saxon provincialism. An internal party newsletter, the National Socialist Bulletin, was started to convey and help direct these new efforts.

On June 9-11, 1967, the party held its national conference in Arlington aimed at reorganizing its leadership and “charting a new course of professionalism.” In July, 1967, The ANP party publication The Stormtrooper magazine was replaced by a newspaper titled White Power. Some within the NSWPP opposed this new ideological direction.

One of their new outreach techniques was the establishment of a White Power Message telephone recording line. Their Ideological Officer Dr. William Pierce would write and record the messages. From FBI files a few of these messages have been preserved.[1] [2]

The party’s youth branch was the National Socialist Youth Movement.

The party was dissolved on January 1, 1983 and reorganized as the New Order.[3]


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