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Einar Gustav Vilhelm Aberg[1] (April 20, 1890 - October 6, 1970), also known as also Einar Åberg, was a Swedish patriot and international pamphleteer. In the 1950s the Jews labeled him as "the world’s largest distributor of anti-Semitica."[2]

Einar Aberg was born in Gothenburg, Sweden.[3] He began his authoring work in favour of the cause of human liberation in 1933 which included scores of mini-books.[4] and several full-length books distributed in a dozen languages. One of his first projects was the publication of his own translation of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (Israels Vises Hemliga Protokoll) into Swedish.[5]

In 1941 he founded Sveriges Antijudiska Kampförbund (Swedish Anti-Jewish Action League), to oppose Jewish supremacism. During this time in Stockholm he ran a bookstore. After the war Aberg continued to distribute his political material in English to American, British, Canadian, and South African readers. The American Jewish Committee and the World Jewish Congress began an campaign of intimidation and blackmail and pressured the Swedish government to stop Aberg’s activities.[6]

In 1956 Sweden caved into the power of world Jewish supremacy and introduced new laws to curtail Aberg's rights to freedom of speech. He was sentence sixteen times for violation of these special laws. In 1964 at the age of 74 and in poor health he announced his retirement as a Swedish activist.


  • God's Chosen People (1948)
  • The War Criminals (1950) 4 pages
  • Why I am anti-Jewish (1954) 4 pages
  • Behind Communism Stands the Jew
  • The Jews Are Also Human Beings Some People Say
  • Kol Nidre--All Vows
  • Please Let Me Go Around the World


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