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Miguel Joaquín Diego del Carmen Serrano Fernández, better known as Miguel Serrano (10 September 1917 – 28 February 2009), was a Chilean diplomat, explorer, poet, and author.

A publisher description is "Miguel Serrano (1917 - 2009) was a Chilean diplomat, explorer, poet, and author of books on spiritual questing and, towards the end of his life, Esoteric Hitlerism. In his writing, part fiction, part fantasy, part autobiography, part mytho-history, he synthesised Hindu, Celtic, and Nordic mythology, Tantrism, Gnosticism, Traditionalism, Jung's theory of synchronism and the archetypes, conspiracy, the hollow earth theory, UFOlogy, and National Socialism. Personal friends with Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Carl Gustav Jung, and Hermann Hesse, and acquainted with Julius Evola and Ezra Pound, he was the author of nearly thirty books, a number of which were translated into English and published by Routledge."

Kerry R. Bolton in 2015 wrote that "there have been post-war attempts to portray National Socialism and the Third Reich as manifestations of some type of occult force. Included in this is the more sober attempt by the Chilean diplomat Miguel Serrano, whose “esoteric Hitlerism” included the worship of Lucifer, as a god of light, and of Shiva as the equivalent of Wotan, and of the “esoteric Hitlerism” of the Greek convert to Hinduism, Savitri Devi. [...] Among the colleagues of Wiligut was Otto Rahn, around whom there has been much mythologizing due to his esoteric expeditions ranging from southern France to Iceland. In particular it is because Rahn was a “Luciferian,” insofar as he believed that Lucifer, the “Light-Bringer” was a good spirit in opposition to the Jewish God Jehovah. His main book was entitled Lucifer’s Retinue: A Journey to the Good Spirits of Europe. Not surprisingly, such a topic provides plenty of scope for writers of pop-history in attempting to portray the Third Reich as a “satanic” conspiracy or as evoking “satanic” forces. However it is a Gnostic heresy rather than Satanism, such heresies regarding Jehovah as “Satan” and Lucifer not as Satan but as an enlightened antagonist. [...] These heresies provided a fanciful basis for post-war Hitlerites such as the Chilean diplomat Miguel Serrano to develop a cosmological view of National Socialism that is “Luciferian” and Gnostic."[1]

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