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Left-wing politics are the leftist politics on the left-right spectrum.

The term left-wing originated with the seating arrangement of the deputies during the French Revolution. The deputies seated to the left of the president's chair were the more radical. However, as a general radicalization gradually occurred during the French Revolution, views which earlier were considered to be leftist were later considered to be rightist, one example of the relative and changing opinions on how to define the left-right spectrum.

Many leftist views are unusual or strange from a historical perspective, being rare or nonexistent anywhere in the world before the European Enlightenment. One example of criticisms is that some leftist views contribute to dysgenic effects and therefore are not long-term sustainable.

The left and violence
Hate crime
Leftist supremacism
Social anarchism
Mass killings under
Communist regimes
Mass killings under Communist regimes
Great Purge
Red Terror
War Communism

Often wanting various radical changes, the left has often used violence and other coercive methods in attempts to coerce these changes.

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