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Mass killings under Communist regimes
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Islamo-leftism is a term for temporary alliances between Islamists and (far) leftists.

Islamists and (far) leftists share some similar views on some issues such as:

  • leftist economic policies, such as increased spending on welfare, for reasons such as being beneficial for unemployed and/or low income Muslim immigrants to Western countries.
  • opposition to Israel and various Western military interventions in Muslim countries.
  • dislike of Western society and Christianity.
  • support for militancy and violent methods.
  • support by an "oppressed minority" for other "oppressed minorities".
  • support for mass immigration and opposition to pro-White groups.

However, their long-term goals, an Islamist sharia state or a socialist utopia, are incompatible with one another and Islamists were harshly repressed in the Communist countries and far leftists are harshly repressed in Islamist countries.

One example is that during the 1979 Iranian Revolution, Islamists and leftists formed a temporary alliance against the common enemy, but afterwards an Islamist regime was implemented and many leftists were killed.

More generally, various "oppressed minorities" were and are treated far more harshly in Communist and Islamist countries than they are in Western countries.

Many homosexual Muslims dislike LGBT pride parades, arguing that they are liberal, secular, and "Islamophobic", as well as there being, for example, lots of alcohol available.[1] This despite that some homosexual former Muslims have criticized a pro-Islamic double standard: ""In my view Islam, like all religions, is homophobic. Why is it not possible to say this without fear of reprisal or accusations of Islamophobia?" She said: "Pride is full of 'God is gay' and 'Jesus had two fathers' placards as well as those mocking the church and priests and pope, yet hold a sign saying 'Allah is gay' - as we did - and the police converge to attempt to remove them for causing offence.""[2]

Anti-White leftist views have been argued to contribute to Islamist terrorism "The French government has known for decades that second- and third-generation Algerians, Moroccans, and other Muslims have grown up in ethno-religious enclaves where everyone hates France. Safya and others interviewed by Mr. Thomson all say that terrorism against the French can be justified because of the “French genocide” in Algeria. Before they became jihadists, they were dope-smoking hip-hop fans who regularly said “f*ck the police” and “f*ck France,” and imbibed the concepts of neo-colonialism and perpetual white racism. It is no wonder they hate France and the French."[3]

Many leftists apparently believe that Islamists in Western countries will secularize and liberalize, when the evidence instead support increasing Islamization, as discussed in the Islamization and anti-Islamization article. A related leftist belief is that any problem is ultimately due to Muslims being an "oppressed minority" in Western countries, ignoring that Islamization is also occurring in Muslim-majority countries, as also discussed in the Islamization and anti-Islamization article.

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