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Antideutsche leftist demonstrators honours Israel at a protest demonstration against the yearly memorial of the Allied Bombing of Dresden.

Antideutsche is the name of an ethnomasochist leftist ideology and movement in Germany.

Not just general anti-White views, it views the German culture as fundamentally flawed, leading to fascism and anti-Semitism. Therefore, it has opposed, for example, the German unification, and supported, for example, the Allied Bombing of Dresden.

The ideology includes a now unusual communist analysis, arguing that societies must became advanced capitalist before the communist revolution can occur. This has caused support for views unusual for leftists, such as support for the United States when attempting to implement capitalist liberal democracies by regime changes and wars. Fascism, nationalism, traditionalism, and Islamism are viewed as related to feudalism, less advanced and more undesirable than advanced capitalism.

Israel is viewed as an ally. Leftist Wikipedia focuses on this and tries to downplay the ethnomasochist aspect, claiming that "support for Israel and opposition to Anti-Zionism is a primary unifying factor of the anti-German movement".

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