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The 55 Club is a publisher of mainly religious materials pertaining to the Aryan race, but have also released materials that are of a non-esoteric nature. They published several new translations from the late German Armanen rune masters and also the Chilean National Socialist Miguel Serrano. The 55 Club propagate an Armanen belief that may best be described as “the recognition and service to that noble God who resides in the spirit of our blood rather than any one particular dogma”. They are considered one of the best contemporary publishers of esoteric Aryan philosophy.



  • The Complete Armanen (Guido von List, S.A. Kummer, John Gorsleben, Karl Wiligut, SS, Miguel Serrano, 55 Club)
  • Nos, Book of the Resurrection (Miguel Serrano)
  • The Riddle of the Jews Success (Theodor Fritsch) (The German Order Series Vol. 1)
  • The Final Battalion (55 Club)
  • The Great Yearning (55 Club)
  • Serrano: the early years "The Non-existent Flower, Book of Amor, Nietzsche and the Eternal Return" (Miguel Serrano)
  • The Rita of the Aryo-Germanic people (Guido von List) (The German Order Series Vol. 2)
  • The Resurrection of the Hero (Miguel Serrano)
  • The SS Family (SS Obergruppenführer Fritz Weitzel)
  • Runenhauser (Philipp Stauff) (The German Order Series Vol. 3)
  • Hitler's UFO against the New World Order (Miguel Serrano)
  • The Unbroken Warrior - Richard Scutari (55 Club)
  • A True and Concise History of the Ku Klux Klan (55 Club)
  • Lanz von Liebenfels - Ostara and the New Templars (Lanz von Liebenfels) (German Order Series Vol. 4)
  • The Vinlanders: Featuring Miguel Serrano: "We do not Celebrate the Death of the White Gods" (55 Club)
  • Adolf Hitler: The Last Avatar (Miguel Serrano)
  • The Quest: Antarctica "Neither by Sea nor by Land, Who Calls from the Ice" (Miguel Serrano)
  • MANU: For the Man to Come (Miguel Serrano)
  • The Faith Will Be Preserved: The Interview (55 Club)