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J. V. Kenneth Morgan (February 24, 1925 - March 24, 2011) was Deputy Commander of the American Nazi Party from 1959 to 1963. Morgan was from Oklahoma and was part American Indian descent. He served with the United States Army in the Pacific Theatre during World War Two as a combat engineer. After the war he settled in Arlington, Virginia married and began to raise a family.

Morgan was one of the earliest party members and was one of the three who visited George Lincoln Rockwell at his home where he had built a shrine to Hitler. Morgan was taken aback at the large swastika flag on the wall but remained to listen to Rockwell and his determination to build an American Nazi Party. [1] In July 1960 he was involved in the "Riot on the Mall" when Park Police temperately withdrew their presence and allow a mob of Jews to attack Party members and supports during Rockwell's speech. Morgan received a twisted knee some cracked ribs, cuts, and bruises. Morgan was able to arrange the rental of large house on Wilson Boulevard from the widow of Admiral Willis Kern. The press would call the new party headquarters and barracks the "House on Hatemonger Hill".

Morgan left the Party in late 1963 due to health reasons and family concerns, however he remained on good terms with Rockwell. In 1970 Morgan and his family, which included six sons, moved to south Florida.

Rockwell listed J. V. Kenneth Morgan as the publisher of his first book This Time the World


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