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American National-Socialist Party (Bund des Amerikan National Socialists) also known as the American National Socialist League, League of American National Socialists and later the American National Labor Party was America’s first National Socialist political party. It was founded by Anton Haegele in July 1935.[1] The group was a breakaway faction of the Friends of New Germany. The party mainly distributed leaflets and their newspaper the National American. The official party newsletter was the The National American Bulletin.

The party’s symbol was an American Indian saluting with an outstretched arm. In the Indian’s background was a Swastika-sun symbol.[2] The party slogan was "America First, Last and Always."[3]

American National Labor Party Leaders: Anton Haegele, National Leader Richard Dessecker, Adjutant Leader Werner Kuehtz, National Treasurer Karl Soika, National Organizer Franklin Thompson, editor of New York weekly, National American.[4]

The American Guardsmen was an affiliate organization.

The party's address was 147 East 118th Street, New York City. The group claimed a following of 4,000.


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