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European New Right (ENR; known as the Nouvelle Droite in French, the Neue Rechte in German, the Nueva Derecha in Spanish, and the Nuova Destra in Italian) is an anti-liberal intellectual and cultural movement which seeks to re-vitalize the European culture. This movement opposes globalism, uncontrolled immigration, and the practice of the "melting pot" (the mixing of races and peoples). The New Right advocates an "archeofuturist" or "revolutionary conservative" (non-reactionary) approach to the rejuvination of European culture and identity and also supports the maintenance of specific territories in which European and European-derived peoples can live. It simultaneously supports the defense of all ethnic differences and identities across the world and the right of each ethnic group to maintain its own territory and communities in which to live. Most New Right thinkers also support federalism and an organic, non-liberal form of democracy to remove the power of oligarchy.

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The term "New Right"

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The term "New Right" is problematic for various reasons, including its great ambiguity, with there being numerous organizations and movements, in various countries, at various times, that are or have been referred to as "New Right", by themselves or by others. Also, many of those so labeled would likely object to their ideologies as being "New", often seeing them as continuation of old ideologies and traditions.

Some may possibly object to the term "Right", possibly seeing themselves as outside the left–right political spectrum or possibly seeing themselves as primarily cultural and not political, with the term viewed as giving the impression of a political party.

The term Nouvelle Droite (French for "New Right") was applied to GRECE and its ideology by outside media, possibly in part inspired by the term "New Left". Alain de Benoist instead used terms such as New School or New Culture.

Regardless, the term Nouvelle Droite, and its extension the European New Right, have become commonly used. The usage in this article does not mean that the organizations so labeled themselves use the term "New Right", that they have no other influences than GRECE, or that they do not have views that may differ from those of GRECE.

While the term Nouvelle Droite in French is rather closely associated with GRECE, similar terms in other languages, such as Neue Rechte in German or Nueva Derecha in Spanish, are more ambiguous, sometimes referring to organizations influenced by GRECE, sometimes not.

The problems with term is likely one reason for many of those so labeled instead using the related term Identitarianism.

European New Right Groups

Delta Stichting
Synergies Europénnes

New Right International
The Scorpion

La Nouvelle Revue d'Histoire
Signal d'Alarme
Terre et Peuple

Centro Studi Opifice
L'Uomo libero

Junge Freiheit
Institut für Staatspolitik
Wir Selbst

Tierra y Pueblo

Key People

Nouvelle Droite

Neue Rechte

Other - Various Nations


Note: Along with the bibliography provided here, there is also recommended reading on the New Right (Nouvelle Droite/Neue Rechte) listed on this forum thread: ThePhora)

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