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Sigrid Hunke (26 April 1913 -15 June 1999) was a German religious scholar, a Germanist, a pagan Unitarian, and a part of the Neue Rechte.

Hunke studied systematic and comparative religious studies, philosophy, psychology and journalism, including under Martin Heidegger. She received her doctorate in 1941, studying under the racial theorist Ludwig Ferdinand Clauss.

She became a member in 1934 of the National Socialist Student Union. In 1937, she became a member of the NSDAP. Later, she had associations with the Ahnenerbe.

After marrying a member of the SS in 1942, she lived in Tangier, then Spanish Morocco, where he was stationed, until 1944. Later, she was a freelance writer in Bonn. She may be best known for her 1960 work "Allahs Sonne über dem Abendland" ("Allah's sun over the Occident"), which has been translated into numerous languages. For this book she was honored by the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in Cairo, of which she became a member.

A critic of Christianity, she joined the Unitarians in the 1950s.

She was a member of the Thule-Seminar and published in its journal Elemente. She was associated with the Neue Rechte and the Nouvelle Droite.

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