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Terre et Peuple is a French, neopagan association. The association works both politically and culturally, and was founded in april 1995 by Pierre Vial with the declared objective of "sensibilizing a public as large as possible to our inherited values".

The activities of the movement is most of all cultural and religious (organization of summer and winter solstice, visit of historical monuments, travels...), but also to prepare for the ethnic war, which according to Pierre Vial is soon to come.

The association publishes its own journal, Terre et Peuple (first issue in autumn of 1999). It organizes each year a "round table" for the autumn, the "days of sun" for the summer and a "communitarian assembly" for the spring. At these meetings, a large number of personalities of the identitarian movement have participated, such as Guillaume Faye, Stéphane Bourhis, Olivier Chalmel, Xavier Guillemot, Jean Haudry, Jean Mabire, Robert Spieler, etc.

On a european scale, the movement is represented in Belgium, in Spain (Tierra y Pueblo), in Portugal (Terra e Povo) and in Germany (Thule-Seminar).

Contact information

Terre et peuple, BP 46 69380 Lozanne, France. - (+33) - [email protected]

National headquarter (France): 58 Cours Tolstoï 69100 Villeurbanne


Sticker: The territory of the africans, that is Africa. Europe is the territory of the europeans!
Sticker: Have you had enough of the rascals? Join our combat!
Sticker: Celtics, germans, vikings and latins - That's the identity of France!
Flag of Terre et Peuple

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