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Terre et Peuple (English: "Land and People"; abbreviated T&P or TP) is a French Identitarian organization. It was founded by Pierre Vial, previously associated with GRECE, and launched in 1995. It is described as more ethnically/racially oriented and more pagan oriented than GRECE.

Terre et Peuple organizes annual roundtables, participate at conferences, and publish a quarterly magazine with the same name, subtitled "Résistance Identitaire Européenne" (European Identitarian Resistance). Vial stated in an editorial that the group's core principle is "Identitarian cultural combat".

The organization has established international branches in Belgium, Spain (Tierra y Pueblo), Portugal (Terra et Povo) and Italy (Terra Insubre). Since 2013, it has participated in the Switzerland-based network Action Européenne.

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