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Pierre Vial
Pierre Vial supporting Jean-Marie Le Pen during the presidential election of 2007

Pierre Vial (1942-) is the leader of Terre et Peuple and one of the most important thinkers of the identitarian movement. He is considered the principal representative of the "neo-pagan" tendency of the identitarian mouvement, with his association Terre et peuple which he founded in 1995 and has presided over ever since.


Growning up in a monarchist and nationalist family (his father was an activist of Jeunesses patriotes, later of Parti français national-collectiviste), Pierre Vial joins Jeune nation in 1958 to take part in the combat for a French Algeria.

During the 1960's, he is member of Mouvement national du progrès, led by Dominique Venner. In 1969, he takes part in the founding of the GRECE (which he later leaves, as his "racialist" views were contrary to those of Alain De Benoist [1]).

He joins the Front national in 1988 and is elected regional council FN in the municipality of Villeurbanne. Later he becomes the FN regional council of Rhône-Alpes.

In 1998, Pierre Vial supports Bruno Mégret during the schism within the "Front National". Then member of theMNR, he quits the party in 2001. He presents himself in 2003 at the cantonal elections in Villeurbanne with the support of the Front national. He then contributes to the creation at both national and international levels of a number of organisations whose purpose is the "defence of the white race". In France, he founds the Conseil représentatif des associations blanches (the representative council of white associations). In 2008, he founds Europe-Identité, an identitarian political structure.

In april 2009, Pierre Vial announced that he was going to join forces with the Nouvelle droite populaire, and took place within the political direction of this movement. At this occasion, he also voiced his support for Carl Lang, dissident of Front National and founder of Parti de la France.

Pierre Vial taught medieval history at the Université Jean-Moulin - Lyon III where he was a member of Institut d'études indo-européennes until 2004.



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