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Jean Haudry (born 28 May 1934) is a French distinguished linguist, Indo-Europeanist, and Identitarian/nationalist activist.

Haudry's L'Indo-Européen, published in 1979, remains the reference introduction to the Proto-Indo-European language written in French.

He has been involved with GRECE and the Front National. In 1995, he participated in the founding of the Terre et Peuple.

In 1980, he co-founded with other GRECE members the "Institute of Indo-European Studies" (IEIE) at the Jean Moulin University Lyon 3. Soon after Jean Haudry's retirement, the French Ministry of Education appointed a commission to investigate whether Haudry's institute was not too closely associated with the "far-right". The work of the commission was mooted when Haudry's successor dissolved the institute and reconstituted it as an association free from state supervision.

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