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Troy Southgate (born 1965) is an author, musician and leading National-Anarchist activist based in the United Kingdom.

Originally from Crystal Palace, in South London, Southgate is of English-Scots descent and moved to the small village of Jarvis Brook, East Sussex, in his teenage years. He moved back to South London in 1989.


Troy Southgate joined the National Front (NF) in 1984 and began writing for publications such as National Front News and Nationalism Today. He also became a regional NF organiser for East Sussex and was an associate Derek Holland and Patrick Harrington, who were on the NF National Directorate. Southgate was also closely associated with members of Croydon NF.

International Third Position

In the Autumn of 1989 he joined the International Third Position (ITP), a breakaway group, and became editor of several local ITP publications, including The Kent Crusader, Surrey Action and Eastern Legion.

English Nationalist Movement

Southgate left the ITP in September 1992 and founded the English Nationalist Movement (ENM) and during this time edited magazines like The Crusader and The English Alternative. The ENM had strong units in the Burnley, Bradford and south-east Kent.

National Revolutionary Faction

In 1998 he and other ENM members founded the National Revolutionary Faction, which he describes as "a hardline revolutionary organisation based on an underground cell-structure similar to that used by both the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and the IRA", operating on the principle of leaderless resistance.[1] The NRF also had a camping/hiking fraternity known as the Greenshirts, based on Corneliu Zelea Codreanu's Romanian Iron Guard. Members performed torchlight ceremonies and distributed small bags of earth.

Synthesis website

In 2000, Southgate and a close associate, Michael Lujan - a former member of America's White Order of Thule and editor of Crossing the Abyss magazine - established the Synthesis website. This resource is said to be fronted by a study group and occasional salon called Le Cercle de la Rose Noire, blending politics, music and the occult.

Alternative Green

Southgate and other NRF associates were on the editorial board of the journal, Alternative Green, for two issues. The magazine was published with the support of the Green Anarchist founder Richard Hunt, Brighton anarchist Wayne John Sturgeon and Adrian White. The magazine also appeared in left-wing bookshops in and around London.

New Right

On January 16, 2005, Southgate and other associates launched a new vehicle, New Right, with a meeting in central London. This followed an initial meeting the previous month. New Right, which has much more in common with the French Nouvelle Droite than with New Right politics in the Anglo-American sense, describes itself as a "dynamic and strictly metapolitical group [that] seeks to unite the disparate strands of the British Right and get everybody pulling in the same direction". It published a journal, New Imperium and, has staged a considerable number of meetings.

Southgate has also written for the website of the Russian newspaper, Pravda, on the metaphysical radical work of Julius Evola.[2] Traditionalist political philosophy of the sort envisaged by Evola and supported by Southgate has been gaining currency amongst conservative Russian parties.


The official National-Anarchist Movement symbol and flag, featured here on a Black flag which is, among other things, the traditional anarchist symbol.

Troy Southgate is today the main figurehead of National-Anarchism (Alexsander Dugin was a National Anarchist at one point), which sees the artificial hierarchies inherent in government and capitalism as oppressive. They advocate collective action organized along the lines of nationality, identity, and tribes, and advocate for a decentralised social order wherein "like-minded individuals" maintain distinct communities. National-Anarchism echoes most strains of anarchism by expressing a desire to reorganize human relationships, with an emphasis on replacing the hierarchical structures of government and capitalism with local, communal decision-making.

The revolutionary conservative concept of the sovereign individual is central to National-Anarchism and its supporters, like most on the general Right, view liberalism as a primary cause of the social decline of nations and cultural identity. National-Anarchists also reject fascism and communism as statist and totalitarian, and reject National Socialism as a failed dictatorship of a totalitarian government.

On 19 September 2010, Southgate launched the National-Anarchist Movement (N-AM) and unveiled a 15,000-word manifesto which included a detailed membership system based around a revolutionary cadre structure. The group also launched a magazine called Tribal Resonance and in January 2012 published a 300-page book entitled National-Anarchism: A Reader.


As a teenager, Southgate was a vocalist in two skinhead bands from Crowborough, East Sussex, England. These were The Distortions (formerly Public Convenience) and The Banana Skins. In his 20s he went on to become the singer with Crowborough ska band The Toot 'n Ska Men and then backing vocalist with Tunbridge Wells ska act, Bugsy Malone. Troy Southgate is now a vocalist, guitarist and percussionist with the mainly Dutch outfit, H.E.R.R., who play Neoclassical music and have released several albums including 'Es Regnet Das Leben Heraus' (2004), 'The Winter of Constantinople' (2005), 'Vondel's Lucifer: First Movement' (2006) and the 'Fire & Glass: A Norwood Tragedy' EP (2007). Southgate's vocals have also featured for H.E.R.R. on the following compilation albums: 'Hopes Die In Winter' ('Hopes Die in Winter' and 'Fifteen Tokens'), 'Instruo Vestri Pro Pugna!' ('The Baron of Urga'), 'Neo-Form I' ('For a Christ-Thorn'), and 'Swarm' ('Stalingrad'). Future projects include a 7" single release of Current 93's 'For a Christ Thorn' coupled with a new song, 'Narcissus', on the b-side. The latest release is 'The Twelve Caesars', based upon the work of the same name by the Roman historian, Suetonius.

Southgate is also a singer/songwriter with the German group, Seelenlicht, one of whom, Butow Maler, was a member of Kammer Sieben, and the project has released a 14-track album for the Cold Spring Records label, entitled 'Gods & Devils'. A compilation track, 'Return to Summerisle', was recorded for the Old Europa Cafe label and their second album, 'Love & Murder', has just been released.

In September 2007, Southgate became a full-time vocalist and member of Poland's Horologium, founded by Grzegorz Siedlecki, for whom he had previously recorded 'Faustus' (with Maria Southgate) and 'Thus I Spake' for two separate Horologium releases. This came about after Southgate was consequently asked to write and record five tracks for a forthcoming Horologium album called 'Earthbound' (expected on the Old Europa Cafe label in early 2008). The group has released a joint 7" Neuropa Records collaboration with Oda Relicta from the Ukraine.

He has also worked with Sweden's Survival Unit, Holland's Erich Zahn, the Canadian project, Funerary Call, the Italian projects Ouroboros, Bonebound, Silent Cathedral, Sala Della Colonne and Nove Code, the Polish projects Elvatorium, Ollin and Desert Divinity, and the German bands, Sagittarius, von Thronstahl & The Days of the Trumpet Call.


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