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Sigil of the WOT designed by Joseph Kerrick.

The White Order of Thule was an American religious organization describing itself as an esoteric brotherhood seeking to work toward the revitalization of the Culture-Soul of the European people through individual and collective work in the Western Hermetic-Alchemical tradition [1].


Starting in the mid-1990s merely as a branch of the older religious organization Black Order of Pan-Europa, the White Order of Thule split of from the former in a schism caused by ideological reasons and feelings of the Americans that the then-grand master of the New Zealand based Black Order of Pan-Europa displayed ignorance of the realities inherent in the USA. It adopted a new name in September 1996 to distinguish itself from the old organization, but also to express through the name a shift in spiritual perspective and values. [2] White Order of Thule ceased to function in the late 1990s. [3]

Ideology, objectives and practice

WOT artwork by Michael Lujan.

The ideology and objective of the White Order of Thule was "1) To study the esoteric currents behind history and culture; 2) to continue the "seeding" of the New Aeon upon the ruins of the old; 3) to presence the Light and Dark Gods and the Shadow Soul of our Folk on Earth via whatever esoteric and political means are necessary." That is to increase in people of European descent, on an individual and collective basis, the level of philosophical, political, spiritual, and ideological awareness, understanding and activism, pertaining to Aryanity. To do this it studied, and supplied its members with, tools, information and ideas regarding such activities as the practice of meditation, imagery, and ritual; which would initiate "a series of subtle but important changes" in the members "inner world". This included directions on theoretical knowledge together with experimental work so that a member would learn both by precept and experience. As he would continue with the process of self-unfolding, he would gradually increase mastery of himself, first in small things, then in greater. All this was to usher in a "New Aeon" in which Aryans would once again reign as supreme kings and conquerors of terra.[1]

After becoming a member the first lesson would be "study and experiments in Hermetic psychology" in order to "lay the foundation of theory and practice on which the superstructure of all subsequent ideas are erected". This included "an explanation of the inner nature of what we regard as problems, their cosmic relationship, and their purpose on the path". This would have the members daily experience take on "totally different significance as the thread of True Will is seen". Next would be a course in Jungian Psychology, wherein he would "learn about the purely scientific aspects of our understandings" and "learn the significance of the different levels of consciousness, the True Self, instincts, and most importantly, archetypes".[1]

When this preliminary work was finished, a member would be "introduced to specific archetypes". Becoming acquainted with "these archetypes in preparation for detailed learning as to their meaning and use constitutes the next period of study". This would "build the foundation of an intensely interesting and important phase of White Order work in the foundations of the Culture-Soul".[1]

The Valknut as Psychogenesis.

Avermenting that "archetypal pathworking has well been called one of the foremost aids to spiritual and cultural transmutation, as the series of archetypes most commonly used is a record of the inner knowledge of the Western adepts in picture form – the way the wise regard the universe and man in a manner that impresses the consciousness of all who use them". They tought that it was "as an instrument of mind training" as "the archetypes are designed in accordance with basic laws of human psychology" and that they were "originally devised as a means of conveying universal principles regarding man's structure, place, and purpose in the cosmos, through the use of symbols". Symbols they regarded as "the language of subconsciousness in that they communicate ideas to all individuals, regardless of their native tongue" and declared that "no matter what our present situation, no matter what your past history, if aspiration is sincere, the right use of archetypes can bring a change for the better in our lives". Lest one would "misunderstand the "right use" of symbols", they would "not refer to their use in fortune-telling or divination". Their right use is "in study, meditation, and imagery, for which they were created". Training in "the use and meaning of archetypes" was the essential foundation from which one could proceed to more advanced courses of study. It would also prepare for one "the spiritual experience which must accompany the coming of a New Aeon".[1]

Articles of faith

  • I We believe in the essence expressed by the original ancient pantheons of all Aryan religions as the representation of the creative/destructive forces that permeate the cosmos.
  • II Our creed is based on the laws of nature as revealed by science.
  • III Feelings of attunement with nature and the cosmic order as manifestations of the Higher Forces are beyond moral dualisms of "good" and "evil."
  • IV Our morality is: that which strengthens the organism as a manifestation of Higher Being is "good"; that which weakens it is "evil."
  • V We hold that nature and history are cyclical, subject to cycles of life/death/renewal, and that this principle governs the rise and fall of civilizations. This is the ancient wisdom of the esoteric schools of both East and West.
  • VI The cosmos operates through polarities, and the interaction of these polarities causes change and evolution.
  • VII Man need not be a passive spectator or a victim of fate or the gods, but by understanding the laws of the cosmos can, through Will, be an active participant in the evolutionary process.
  • VIII Those attuned to the Higher Forces flowing through nature and the cosmos have the essence of those forces within, and are links in the evolutionary chain towards Higher Man.
  • IX The Destiny of our folk is to play amongst the stars; the Destiny of Man's evolution is Homo Galactica — the Übermensch!

Study material

Aside from the Degrees of Membership and the Membership Manual the order suggested for members to study works such as Hitler's Mein Kampf, Yockey's Imperium, Nietzsche's Beyond Good And Evil, Redbeard's Might Is Right, Mason's Siege and Evola's'Revolt Against The Modern World.[1]


The order described Thule as "an ancient Greek word designating the place of origin of the Aryan Race; that soul which was unified in the people of Thule was to be reunited in a new experience of spirituality in order to manifest the next great Aryan Race"[1]. Thule is also the name of an island mentioned in the Greek and Roman tradition.


The sigil of the White Order of Thule is made up of a swastika inside a pentagram on a circle with inscriptions in Greek. In the lower sections of the circle there are the words Pan and Nihil, which are the All and Nothing, Being and NonBeing, opposite sides. It relates to the cover illustration which is a collage done by Joseph Kerrick showing the One Soul (called Pantheos) standing alone in the Void of NonBeing. The word at the bottom of the sigil is Thule. At the top, divided in two parts by the upward point of the pentagram, is the name Damarasha.[4]

Outdoor mass ritual

In between publishing the first two issues of Crossing the Abyss, on the Autumnal Equinox in 1996, Joseph Kerrick went with two fellow members and did a ritual at the top of Mount Tamalpais, which is the highest peak in Marin County, California, described as an ultra-liberal New Age area where Kerrick lived. The peak is visible from any elevated spot throughout the whole San Francisco Bay Area. According to Kerrick any of the leftist-liberalist multiculturalists will tell you that it was also a sacred power spot for native Americans.

The ritual, which included a series of adjurations with long sonorous chants, was described by Kerrick as to have fallen into place in a specially powerful way, being one of his best rituals ever at the time.[4]


Organization was described as a "brotherhood, a loose alignment of Aryan minds, hearts, and souls, together only for the philosophy, fraternity, and spirituality" the administration of programs were vested in a core of members operating through order headquarters, and delegated to regional contact stations which formed an advisory council. The basic unit was the lodge. The rules said at least three members might form a lodge which would "manifest the Will of the Order" on a local scale.[1]


Membership of the order, limited to individuals of European descent over 18 years of age, was divided into associate members and full members. Individuals seeking to join were required to send a 500 word autobiography including their views on culture, spirituality, history and politics. If deemed suitable, they would be sent an application and if accepted they would be issued Degrees of Membership, a membership manual and a copy of Crossing the Abyss.[1] Members were allowed and encouraged "to be active in other work, other echelons of Aryan life, and other groups".[1]

Membership carried with it "absolutely no obligations a true Aryan lifestyle does not already obligate: duty, honor, loyalty". The only specific requirements were those "related to proper respect, use, handling, and conveyance of Order concepts and materials". However, in turn to "to maintain a very high standard" of membership and to "ensure both obligations to the Cause are met" the order accepted only "sincere Aryans of high aptitude as Associate Members".[1]

Associate membership was divided into three degrees of which were utilized "to inspire deeper thought " in the associate members, and to "ensure that they have fully considered and adequately understand all of the fundamentals necessary to engage in the Magnum Opus (Great Work) of the Order, including: ancestry/genealogy, pagan mythology, region-specific lore, and self-overcoming." There was a maximum time limit of one year for the three degrees and only those aspirants successfully completing the first degree would be granted a copy of the Membership Manual. Upon successful completion of the three degrees, an Associate Member would be asked to join the order as a Full Member.[1]

Leading members:


For its members the order publicized Degrees of membership and a membership manual titled Thulean Archidoxes which it described as "the distillation of thousands of years of Traditional Aryan Mystery lore synthesized with modern-day, cutting edge thought, including a scientific treatment of Paganism (called "Psychogenesis")". Being a "comprehensive compendium of the tracts dealing with the inner rites and workings of the White Order of Thule, including the Thulean Pantheon of Gods; celebrations/festivals of the Thulean Brotherhood; the Thulean Lexicon, and much more".[1]

Crossing The Abyss #3 cover.

For both internal and external publication was the irregularly published a zine titled Crossing the Abyss which they described as bringing "the cutting-edge of Aryan revolutionary thought and [spirituality] every four months" and as being "the face WOT presents to our comrades in the worldwide movement."[1] After the quitting of the order it evolved into another zine titled Fenris Wolf.


  • WOT Thulean Archidoxes (Membership Manual of WOT) (Self-published)
  • WOT The Abyss (Self-published: Summer Solstice 1996)
  • WOT Crossing The Abyss #2 (Self-published: Yule 1996)
  • WOT Crossing The Abyss #3 (Self-published: Autumnal Equinox 1997)
  • WOT Crossing The Abyss #4 (Self-published: Autumnal Equinox 1998)
  • WOT Crossing The Abyss #5 (Self-published: Vernal Equinox 1999)
  • WOT Crossing The Abyss #6 (Self-published: Unknown

Articles published by White Order of Thule

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