Crossing the Abyss

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Crossing the Abyss was an American zine by the White Order of Thule irregularly published in the mid-1990's. It described itself as "foraying and shedding light on the murky area between cutting-edge Aryan pagan spirituality and revolutionary realpolitik in the tradition of Yockey, Redbeard and Hitler, combining profound and compelling content with an impeccable design and layout sensibility, and embellished throughout with both classical and contemporary folkish artwork".[1] After the White Order of Thule quit, the zine evolved into the Fenris Wolf zine.

Critical acclaim

  • If future issues continue in this vein I foresee Crossing the Abyss becoming one of the main voices of our Folk... Excellent!
  • I was indeed impressed by both the scope of the articles and the manner in which the information was presented. Not mere child's play but real, powerful and meaningful thought.
    • Peter Helmkamp, member of the death-metal band Angelcorpse
  • I think that CTA has the potential to place itself among the most influential publications of the struggle. It is only a matter of time...
    • Guillermo Coletti, author and distributor
  • Easily the best publication in the Movement in terms of content and presentation.


The Abyss

Released Summer Solstice 1996 8.5x11 in., 48 pp.

Contents: Welcome to The Abyss by Max Frith; The Second Coming of Q by Joseph Kerrick; Long Live Death! by Peter Georgacarakos; The Occult as Catalyst by The Black Order; Paganism: A National Socialist View by Kerry Bolton; Pathway of the Ubermensch by Edmund Krolikowski; The Arts of Civilization by David Myatt; The American Plague by NZ Nationalists; Cultural Vitalism by Ulick Varange; Aryans from Outer Space? by Thuleos; Revolutionary Work by Max Frith

Crossing the Abyss #2

Released Yule 1996 8.5x11 in., 64 pp.

Contents: The Old Order Changeth by Max Frith; Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Calling the White Gods by Joseph Kerrick; Millennium by James Mason; We Good Europeans by Max Frith; Who Really Represents White Civilization by Richard Scutari; Till the Living Flesh is Burned! by Michael Lujan; The Duty of Aryan Women by David Myatt; The Third Reich: Chronicles of the Occult Cycle by Stephen Cox; Dualism and the Cycles of Time by Kerry Bolton; Folk Communities by Jost; The Spirit of the Thing by Max Frith; Civilization as Higher Reality by Ulick Varange; What is a White Order? by Quint Kalkier; Folk and Land by Wulf Grimwald

Crossing the Abyss #3

Crossing The Abyss #3 cover

Released Autumnal Equinox 1997 8.5x11 in., 60 pp., cardstock cover

Contents: The Waste is a Terrible Thing to Mind by Max Frith; Wherefore Satan? by Max Frith; Shugara: A Sinister Pathworking by Collyn Branwell; The Numinous Significance of Adolf Hitler by David Myatt; What is Thule? by Peter Georgacarakos; Jung and the Volksich Movement by Kerry Bolton; Paganism: An Aryan Science by Peter Georgacarakos; Freyr's Oceanic Western Kindgom Pt I by Stephen Cox; Primordial Musick and the Fulfillment of Culture by Eric Thompson; "White Power" by Jost; Man and Animal by Robert Burns; Revolutionary Work Pt. II by Max Frith

Crossing the Abyss #4

Crossing The Abyss #4 cover

Released Autumnal Equinox 1998 8.5x11 in., 60 pp., web-offset printed, gloss cover

Contents: Third Way Political Thought and the Evolution of Ideas by Max Frith;Third Way and Third World: Against the New World Order by Kerry Bolton; What is Thule? by Peter Georgacarakos; Equally Sold Out by Robert Burns; Towards a New Paganism for a New People by Michael Lujan; The Tower by C.G. Jung; Freyr's Oceanic Western Kingdon Pt II by Stephen Cox; Revolutionary Fantasies by Jost; The Valknut: Paganism as an Aryan Science Pt II by Peter Georgacarakos; What is a Pig? by Robert Burns; The Numinous Nature of Family and Propertyby Wulf Grimwald; The Participation Mystique by Max Frith

Crossing the Abyss #5

Crossing The Abyss #5 cover

To be released Vernal Equinox 1999 8.5x11 in., 64 pp., web-offset press, gloss cover

Contents: Revolutionary Work Pt III by Max Frith; Ancient Aryans by Dean Adams; Quaternary Thought by Victor Anduril; Year Zero in North America? by Spartacus Press; The Enemy by Alex Curtis; Aryan Martial Arts by 14 Words Press; Savitri Devi: Priestess of Hitler by Kerry Bolton; The Lightning and the Sun Pt I by Savitri Devi; Thule as Death: The Dialectic of Life by Michael L.; Paganism as an Aryan Science Pt III by Peter Georgacarakos; On Polarity by Wulf Grimwald; From Ivory Tower to Privy Wall: On the Art of Propaganda by George Lincoln Rockwell; Heil Odin: God of Death! by Fenris Wolf Press; The West is Dead by Max Frith; plus tons of Reviews and WOT's Mail-Order Catalog!