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The Silent Brotherhood (German: Brüder Schweigen) was a White nationalist organization active in the United States between 1983 and 1984. Certain members were accused or convicted of various crimes, including a series of robberies, counterfeiting, conspiracy, and the murder of Alan Berg.

Politically correct sources strangely refer to the organization as The Order, referring to a fictional organization in the novel The Turner Diaries by William Luther Pierce. The novel is claimed to have been an inspiration for the organization. Other claimed inspirations include Christian Identity, militias, anti-government views related the killing of the Mormon fundamentalist John Singer by the police during a child custody case, and monetary gain.

The convictions occurred with help of the testimony of Frazier Glenn Miller Jr., who testified against others in order to have his own sentence reduced.

Silent Brotherhood members were acquitted at the Fort Smith sedition trial in 1988. Ignoring this, Wikipedia alleges that "A fundamental goal of The Order was revolution against the American government". Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. also testified here, which implies that his testimony was judged unreliable.

Robert Jay Mathews was the founder. During a shootout with the police in 1984, the house he was in was ignited by incendiary flares and became engulfed in flames, and Mathews was killed.

Four members were tried and two were convicted of "violating the civil rights" of Alan Berg, a Jewish radio talk show host who had been murdered in 1984. David Lane and Bruce Pierce were sentenced to what amounted to life sentences. David Lane in his writings apparently did not deny certain of the crimes the Silent Brotherhood were accused of, but did reject involvement in the murder, as discussed in the article on Alan Berg.

The district attorney declined to prosecute on murder charges, saying the evidence wouldn’t stand up in court.[1]

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