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Existence 1991—present
Type internet forum
Purpose Politics
  Webmaster   Don Black

The Stormfront White Nationalist Community is a white nationalist Internet forum with the motto "White Pride World Wide". It is a major resource for white activists around the world interested in preserving White Western culture, ideals and values.[1]

It is not a white supremacist community and it is against the rules to post racial epithets[2] or ethnic jokes.[3]



The Stormfront forum began as a dial-up Bulletin board system in 1991 in support of David Duke's US Senate campaign and has been on the Internet in its present form since March 1995. expanded and began hosting other white nationalist websites. By June of 2005 Stormfront had grown to over 52,000 registered user accounts, and ranked within the top 1% of all internet sites. As of April 16 2007 Stormfront has more than 107,000 registered user accounts worldwide. The webmaster and founder of the site is Don Black, a veteran in the White Nationalist movement.



Stormfront has a variety of international sections catering to users from Italy, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (Stormfront downunder), France, Latin America, Spain, Netherlands, the Baltic & Scandinavia, Serbia, Russia and South Africa.

The internal forum activities take place in forums entitled: Opposing Views , Polls, Poetry, Quotations, Music and Entertainment, Revisionism, Lounge, Classified Ads, eActivism and Stormfront Webmasters, Multimedia, Graphics and Talk. Some form of self-help is given in forums entitled Privacy, Network Security & Encryption, Business and Finance, Self Defense, Martial Arts & Preparedness, Health and Fitness, Homemaking, Education and Homeschooling and Legal Issues. Other forums are entitled Ideology and Philosophy, Culture and Customs, Revisionism, Science, Technology and Race, Youth, Events, Strategy and Tactics, Local and Regional, Advance Scout and Theology.


Posters from the United States are the largest contingent, but other English-speaking countries are well-represented. The remaining posters are mostly from Europe and Latin America [1] [2] . Prominent posters include Canadian free speech advocate Paul Fromm [3] and American politician David Duke [4]. The website also provides Internet radio shows hosted largely by site members.

Hosted material

A section called "Our Legacy of Truth" presents a variety of texts on political, cultural, scientific and philosophical issues. "1001 Quotes By and About Jews" are presented, as well as text about "Race", "Pagan Identity", "Christian Identity", "Eugenics", "National Socialism" (including various works by Adolf Hitler), and "Viewpoints". Another section called "Text library" presents text on "White nationalist issues", "Affirmative Action and anti-White-bias", "Immigration in America", "Racial Differences", "Revisionism", "National Socialism" and "Zionism & Judaism," as well as other texts.


There are a number of sub-projects linked to Stormfront. StormWiki is a project of Stormfront to create a wiki which is easily integrated in the forum. On September 4, 2007 Stormfront launched a blog section dedicated to its users. Stormfront also provides a radio broadcasting system on the internet, usually referred to as Stormfront Radio. Its programs range from political debates with interviews to important white nationlists to music shows or dating advice.

The creators of also operate other websites on the Internet, including[4] which is an informational resource for students, and others concerning Martin Luther King, Jr.'s radical political activities. Stormfront serves as a host to some other white nationalist websites, such as[5]


Stormfront is seen as a threat to those who do not want any opposition to Marxist ideals in our societies. Thus there have been many attempts to censor it. In Germany access to Stormfront is blocked by some Internet Service Providers in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Stormfront also accuses one of the largest American internet providers, AOL, of practicing censorship by blocking its subscribers from accessing Stormfront. In some countries, members have been persecuted by the state: for instance on September 19, Amsterdam police was reported raiding homes of two Stormfront members. [5].

The Southern Poverty Law Center stalks posters and gets them fired from their job for posting on there.[6]

In Italy and Canada, the police raid homes and imprison people for posting on Stormfront. 25 people were indicted in Italy in 2015.[7][8][9]

Don Black stated in 2002 regarding the shutdown of the German forums that "The "auf Deutsch" forums were short on real German nationalists. There was, in fact, only one, the moderator. But they were long on German police agents provocateurs, who seemed obsessed with the place."[10]

In 2014 the Southern Poverty Law Center claimed that "Stormfront Posters have Murdered Almost 100 People". Don Black in a reply stated that "Like all good propaganda, it's a mix of truth, half-truth and outrageous lies", described several false/misleading SPLC claims (such as regarding the pro-Zionist Anders Behring Breivik who only posted four times before being banned and this three years before he attacked a youth group that had demanded disinvestment from Israel), and stated that "We have ten million posts, an average sixty thousand visitors a day and, according to Google Analytics, over ten million unique visitors a year.... We're obviously a big website, and any site is likely to have a few unstable people pass through. Facebook, Twitter, and particularly Craigslist have had their share.... Our moderators and I have repeatedly posted that we will not tolerate any advocacy or even suggestion of illegal violence. We are diligent in removing such whenever we find it, and we want to help visitors understand fully how horrifically damaging this is to our efforts."[11]

Domain name seizure

The 2017 Unite the Right event‎ was followed by the domain name temporarily being seized and made inoperative.

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