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Stormfront is a major White nationalist Internet forum. There are also associated features, such as radio and blogs. It was founded by Don Black.

Rules include "DO NOT advocate or suggest any activity which is illegal under U.S. law."

In 2014, the Southern Poverty Law Center claimed that "Stormfront Posters have Murdered Almost 100 People". Don Black in a reply stated that "Like all good propaganda, it's a mix of truth, half-truth and outrageous lies", described several false/misleading SPLC claims (such as regarding the pro-Zionist Anders Behring Breivik who only posted four times before being banned and this three years before he attacked a youth group that had demanded disinvestment from Israel), and stated that "We have ten million posts, an average sixty thousand visitors a day and, according to Google Analytics, over ten million unique visitors a year.... We're obviously a big website, and any site is likely to have a few unstable people pass through. Facebook, Twitter, and particularly Craigslist have had their share.... Our moderators and I have repeatedly posted that we will not tolerate any advocacy or even suggestion of illegal violence. We are diligent in removing such whenever we find it, and we want to help visitors understand fully how horrifically damaging this is to our efforts."[1]

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