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George Van Horn Moseley

George Van Horn Moseley (born in Evanston, Illinois, on September 28, 1874; died November 7, 1960) was a United States Army general and patriot who believed in a Jewish plot to takeover America.


He graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1899, and was commissioned 2d lieutenant in the cavalry in the same year. He served in the Philippines twice, from 1900 to 1903 and 1906 to 1907, during which his assignments included commanding a troop of the 1st Cavalry and serving as Aide-de-Camp to Generals J. M. Bell and J. M. Lee. In 1901 Moseley, accompanied by only one other officer, without escort and under conditions of great danger, penetrated a major insurgent stronghold and was primarily responsible for the surrender of General Arejola and his command.He was the honor graduate of the Army School of the Line in 1908, and graduated from the Army Staff College in 1909 and the Army War College in 1911.

He rose to the rank of major in 1916, and in 1917 in France was promoted colonel in the National Army with command of the 5th Field Artillery. He was transferred to General Headquarters, American Expeditionary Forces in France and as Assistant Chief of Staff in charge of the 4th Section (renamed G-4), soon promoted brigadier general, National Army. He had general charge of preparations for the strategic supply, transportation, construction and evacuation of the U.S. Army in France and his control of all American regulating stations at the front enabled him to exercise actual day-to-day control over supply and transportation.

This was followed by camp and Washington assignments from 1920-1929. He was the executive for the Assistant Secretary of War, 1929-30, Deputy Chief of Staff of Army, 1930-33,[1] Commanding General of the 5th Corps Area, 1933-34, 4th Corps Area, 1934-38, and the Third United States Army, 1936-38. He was a member of several important commissions, including the Harbord Commission to the Near East, meant to help establish Wilsonian Armenia. After commanding the Second Field Artillery Brigade, in 1921 he was detailed as assistant to General Dawes in organizing the newly-created Bureau of the Budget. In 1921 he was promoted brigadier general, Regular Army. Commanding the 1st Cavalry Division (1927-1929), he successfully interceded, under fire, with principals in a 1929 Mexican insurrection. His actions stopped stray gunfire from Juarez , Mexico endangering life and property in adjacent El Paso , Texas , and precluded further incidents. In 1931 he was promoted major general, Regular Army.

Moseley's awards included the Distinguished Service Medal (one oak leaf cluster); Commander, Order of the Crown (Belgian); Companion, Order of the Bath (British); Commander, Legion of Honor, and Croix de Guerre with Palm (French); Commander, Order of the Crown of Italy.

Moseley held anti-immigrant views throughout his life. In his unpublished autobiography, he quoted approvingly from Madison Grant's The Passing of the Great Race]]. He used the language of Social Darwinism to describe the problem the United States faced:

Watch a herd of animals. If a member of the herd becomes unfit...the unfortunate is recognized at once and driven out of the herd, only to be eaten by the timber wolves. That seems hard–but is it, in fact? The suffering is thus limited to the one. The disease is not allowed to attack the others....With us humans, what we call civilization compels us to carry along the unfit in ever increasing proportions.

He described the Jew as a permanent "human outcast." They were "crude and unclean, animal-like things...something loathsome, such as syphilis." Following the German invasion of France he wrote that in order to match the national socialist treat, the U.S. needed to launch a program of "selective breeding, sterilization, the elimination of the unfit, and the elimination of those types which are inimical to the general welfare of the nation." In December 1941, Moseley wrote that Europe's Jews were "receiving their just punishment for the crucifixion of Christ...whom they are still crucifying at every turn of the road." He proposed a "worldwide policy which will result in breeding all Jewish blood out of the human race."

In 1947, he said of his years as a West Point cadet, "there was one Jew in my class, a very undesirable creature, who was soon eliminated."

In 1951, the president of Piedmont College in Georgia invited Moseley to speak. Students and faculty protested because of his racist views. TIME called him a "trumpeter for Aryan supremacy." One faculty member was fired for speaking in opposition to the speaking engagement. Calls for the president's resignation followed. Almost the entire faculty and 9 trustees resigned in the next two years and enrollment fell by two thirds.

In the late 1940s General Moseley worked with Texas millionaire George Armstrong to help in his publishing efforts.

In the 1959, Moseley was one of the founders of Americans for Constitutional Action, an anti-Semitic successor to America First.

In retirement he lived at the Atlanta Biltmore Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia. He died on November 7, 1960.


As General Douglas MacArthur’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Moseley played a role as yet never fully clarified at time of the 1932 Bonus March on Washington , D.C. by unemployed World War I veterans. He has been variously portrayed as faithfully relaying instructions from the Secretary of War to MacArthur, the commander at the scene, or making little or no effort to transmit instructions. These, if followed, would have precluded the controversial and widely criticized actions taken by the U.S. Army to disperse from their encampment the veterans who were deemed to be Communist-infiltrated and a threat to law and order by the president, Moseley, MacArthur, some cabinet members, and a number of influential Americans. [2] [3] [4]

Jewish question

Like many officers in the military, General Moseley viewed Jews as a threat and opposed their immigration as well as their organized efforts to bring the US into a war against National Socialist Germany. General Mosley believed if Jewish refugees were allowed to enter America, they should be first sterilized before disembarking.[5]


Moseley had three sons;

Colonel George Van Horn Moseley, Jr. led the 502d Parachute Infantry Regiment into Normandy in 1944

Francis L. Moseley was an inventor and Vice President at the Hewlett-Packard Company

James W. Moseley is a longstanding figure in the UFO enthusiast community.


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