New Orleans Protocol

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The New Orleans Protocol is pan-European protocol to promote unity among nationalist movements signed in New Orleans, Louisiana, on May 29, 2004.

The protocol pledges adherents to a pan-European outlook, recognizing national and ethnic allegiance, but stressing the value of all European peoples. The three provisions of the protocols are:

1. Zero tolerance for violence.

2. Honourable and ethical behaviour in relations with other signatory groups. This includes not denouncing others who have signed this protocol. In other words, no enemies on the right.

3. Maintaining a high tone in our arguments and public presentations.

The founding endorsers of the New Orleans Protocol are EURO and the David Duke Report (David Duke), Stormfront (Don Black), Sam G. Dickson (of Council of Conservative Citizens, but not speaking on their behalf), John Tyndall (a founder of the BNP, but not speaking on their behalf), the American Free Press (Willis Carto), the Truth at Last (Dr. Edward Fields), the National Alliance (Kevin Alfred Strom and David Martin Pringle), and the Canadian Association for Free Expression (from Canada, Paul Fromm).


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