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The Occidental Quarterly: Western Perspectives on Man, Culture, and Politics is a quarterly journal of Western thought and opinion. The journal's name derives from its devotion to discussing the ethnic, racial and cultural heritage that forms the foundation of Western Civilization as well as the contemporary political, social and demographic trends that affect this tradition. It has been described as a white nationalist journal that seeks to direct American conservatism in the direction of an Anglo-Saxon cultural and racial ideology.

The journal is published by the Charles Martel Society named in honor of Charles Martel, who halted a Muslim invasion of Europe at the Battle of Tours in 732. They explicitly reject neoconservatism and call for a "third school" to emerge from paleoconservatism in the from of an ideology of White European identity politics, and holds that the American political order of freedom and liberty is under ethnic and ideological threat. Its foreign policy positions, broadly, are anti-immigration with the exception of those from other industrialized Western nations, and isolationism, including the rejection of influence from Israel and Mexico on U.S. politics.

The current editor of Occidental Quarterly is Kevin MacDonald. Its publisher is William Regnery II. Jared Taylor, of the American Renaissance magazine, is a past member. Samuel Francis was an associate editor until his death.

In response to criticism, Regnery defended the editorial board, stating: "Of the thirteen individuals on its editorial board, ten hold Ph.D's and two others are editors of their own publications. All are respected writers in their own fields."

Samuel Francis said the "The Occidental Quarterly has attracted a diverse readership base, an extraordinary pool of talented and clear-headed writers, and best of all, some of the most thought-provoking and even ground-breaking material that I've come across in years."

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