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Counter-Currents Publishing is a publisher and a think-tank based in the USA that works under the moniker "Books Against Time". They publish and sell books of their own and those of others via their online site[1], a site where they also run a daily updated publication of articles, podcasts, videos, translations and other dives into questions of Traditionalism, identity, nationalism, economy, culture, art, music, movies and much else of interest mainly for the European-descended population of the US, even though there is also a large circle of readers from all over the globe, including among others from Mexico, India and Japan[2].

The site has published a series of articles showing homosexuality in positive light, but is reluctant to encourage a debate on the subject.[3]


Counter-Currents views itself as the North-American wing of the European New Right, and therefore brand themselves the North-American New Right. They have among much else published a long line of texts by Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Réne Guénon, Julius Evola, Dr. Alain de Benoist, Dr. Guillaume Faye, Dr. Michael O'Meara, Oswald Spengler and many other well-known names for those readers used to devouring the publications of the European New Right. Counter-Currents Publishing has on several occasions stressed their difference from the old Right, especially those aspects of it that are perceived as negative by many: among other things by pointing out their vision of a real ethnopluralism (as opposed to the sham one they perceive as being paid lip service to by the would-be elites that today rule the discourse) respectful of all peoples and their unique identities.[4] According to the editors they wish to abandon the old tried and failed strategies, and not to mention the divide into wings of "Right" and "Left", and instead represent the best of all "sides", promoting eternal values as opposed to the modern world they view as fallen.

The publishing house and the online site opened their gates on the 11th of June, 2010, and it is run by Dr. Greg Johnson (among other things the author of the book Confessions of a Reluctant Hater and editor of Alain de Benoist's On Being a Pagan) and web-master Michael J. Polignano (author of the book Taking Our Own Side). The site is ever increasing in its popularity and has as of May 2012 over 55 000 unique readers a month.[5]

About the publisher

  • Counter-Currents Publishing, Ltd. takes its guiding principles from French Traditionalist René Guénon’s The Crisis of the Modern World.
  • History is cyclical, and its prevailing current is downward, declining from a Golden Age through Silver and Bronze Ages to a Dark Age.
  • We live in a Dark Age, in which decadence reigns and all natural and healthy values are inverted.
  • Even in the depths of the Dark Age, there are hidden Golden Age counter-currents: survivals of the past Golden Age that sustain the world and serve as seeds of the Golden Age to come.
  • It is not futile to think and live according to Golden Age principles in the depths of the Dark Age. Indeed, those who do so play an important role in the passage of the Ages.
  • Knowledge has practical consequences. Counter-Currents aims to hasten the dissolution of the Dark Age by promoting knowledge of its deficiencies in the light of Tradition.
  • Counter-Currents also aims to promote the survival of essential ideas and texts into Golden Age to come.
  • Counter-Currents publishes, distributes, and promotes “Books Against Time.” Please contact our Editor-in-Chief if you have a manuscript or wish to recommend a title."[6]
  • North American New Right offers a critique of liberal modernity in North America in the light of Traditionalism and the ideas of the European New Right.
  • North American New Right includes original articles, translations, interviews, and poetry, as well as reviews of books, films, and music."[7]


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