Some Thoughts on Hitler and Other Essays

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Some Thoughts on Hitler and Other Essays
Cover of the first English edition
Author(s) Irmin Vinson, Greg Johnson (editor), Kevin MacDonald (foreword)
Cover artist Kevin I. Slaughter
Country USA
Language English
Genre(s) Politics
Publisher Counter-Currents Publishing Ltd.
Publication year 2012
Pages 190
ISBN 978-1-935965-25-1

Some Thoughts on Hitler and Other Essays is a 190 page collection of articles consisting of polemic and academic articles written by the North-American author behind the pseudonym Irmin Vinson (editor of popular internet page Flawless Logic[1]), with an editors note by Dr. Greg Johnson (author of Confessions of a Reluctant Hater and a foreword by Dr. Kevin B. MacDonald (author of among others The Culture of Critique). The book is published at Johnson's publishing house: Counter-Currents Publishing. The contents of the book range wide, but is mainly an attempt by the author to show the huge hypocritical morality he claims exist in the public discourse when it comes to questions of ethnic identity, the politics of identity and not to mention questions of a historical nature such as the relation those now living have to the mainstream narrative regarding phenomenon such as Holocaust. The author claims there is a hypocritical morality in the discourse in the sense that there is one standard for those of Jewish extraction, one for everyone of non-White extraction and finally a negative one for all the White persons of European extraction. The book is the author's attempt to clear up these fields, and being the ethnically motivated author that he is, break these patterns in order to contribute to a better future for Whites than what he sees as given by the present status quo.

From the inside covers

Irmin Vinson’s Some Thoughts on Hitler and Other Essays is a book about propaganda. Vinson explains how the organized Jewish community uses the memory of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust as weapons to stigmatize the patriotism and ethnic pride not just of Germans, but of all whites, including those who fought against Hitler.

Vinson explains how this spurious white guilt and self-hatred has been used to break down white resistance to multiculturalism, miscegenation, affirmative action, and the invasion and colonization of white homelands by non-white immigrants—trends which, if not reversed, will lead to white extinction.

In these clear, rational, and highly readable essays, Irmin Vinson exposes and demolishes this insidious propaganda, clearing the way for the reemergence of white pride and patriotism. Some Thoughts on Hitler will change more than your view of the past; it will also change your understanding of the present—and of our destiny.

From the back of the book

Why are we subjected to more anti-Hitler propaganda today than during World War II?

Why are white nations blanketed with Holocaust memorials, even countries where the Holocaust did not take place?

Why do most people know how many Jews died during World War II but have no idea how many non-Jews died?

About the author

Irmin Vinson is the editor of Irminsul’s Racial Nationalist Library. This is his first book.

Said of the book

“Irmin Vinson is a sophisticated thinker and eloquent writer about all of the issues at the heart of the dispossession of whites. I highly recommend this collection of his essays.”

Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D., author of The Culture of Critique

“This collection of thought-provoking essays is a valuable antidote to the Judeocentric view of the past and present that’s become all but obligatory in our society. The author does not attempt a revisionist reexamination of the wartime fate of Europe’s Jews. Instead, he explains why and how the quasi-religious ‘Holocaust’ narrative has come to play such a prominent role in our mass media and cultural life.”

Mark Weber, Director, Institute for Historical Review

“This provocatively titled book focuses on the moral and political offensive against European culture and peoples. Vinson shows that a perverse and dishonestly contrived pseudo-morality is being cynically used as a battering ram against Europeans by those who are themselves motivated by base impulses in a classic case of mass psychological projection.”

Kerry Bolton, Ph.D., Th.D., author of Artists of the Right


  • The Jewish Question
  • 3. Holocaust Commemoration 14
  • 4. Remembering the Holocaust 64
  • 5. Spielberg and the Eleven Million 90
  • 6. The Mufti and Martin Hohmann 99
  • 7. The Holocaust as Weapon 104
  • 8. The Patriot: Reviewing a Review 110
  • 9. Gibson, Jesus, and the Jews 121
  • 10. Jesus and the ADL 125
  • 11. Jewish Hypocrisy and the One-State Solution 129
  • 12. Ruling the World by Proxy 135

Publication data

Some Thoughts on Hitler and Other Essays, Irmin Vinson, 2012, Counter-Currents Publishing, ISBN 978-1-935965-25-1


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