Under the Nihil

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Under the Nihil
Cover of the first English edition
Author(s) Andy Nowicki
Cover artist Kevin I. Slaughter
Country USA
Language English
Genre(s) Dystopian novel
Publisher Counter-Currents Publishing Ltd.
Publication year 2012
Pages 112
ISBN 978-1-935965-23-7

Under the Nihil is a short dystopian novel of 112 pages written by North-American author Andy Nowicki and published by Counter-Currents Publishing by editor Greg Johnson. The book is a dark tale of what a human being is capable of, when driven to the brink of despair: in this case an unnamed seminarian within the Catholic church that gets rejected from his much-desired priesthood and therefore hits rock bottom. There, he meets up with a mysterious man that offers him a way to clean up his act in every way, all he has to do is swallow a certain pill twice a day. A pill designed to remove all inhibitions, and thus be of use to the US military in their struggle against ideologically and religiously inspired enemies. The novel is the story of what happens when you combine a man with nothing left to lose with an aggressive Modernity: the story of a seminarian's journey into the Nihil (the name of the drug).

From the inside flap of the book

"What if you could take a pill that removed all of your inhibitions, including your fear of death?

The unnamed narrator of Under the Nihil, a washed-out seminary student, has endured a terrifying spiritual and mental collapse. Now a mysterious government agency has offered him a chance to take part in an experimental program involving a new top-secret drug named nihil, a mind-altering chemical compound created to enable American soldiers to fight with the same fearlessness and fanaticism as Muslim suicide bombers.

Feeling he has little to lose, he agrees to be the shadow government’s guinea pig. But nobody could predict the consequences once this complex and troubled man had gone Under the Nihil."

About the author

"Andy Nowicki is a dissident reactionary malcontent who lives in Savannah, Georgia. He has written for several print and online journals of social commentary, including The Last Ditch, Alternative Right, Takimag.com, New Oxford Review, American Renaissance, and Counter-Currents/North American New Right. He is the author of two other novels: Considering Suicide (Nine-Banded Books, 2009, http://www.ninebandedbooks.com) and The Columbine Pilgrim (Counter-Currents, 2011). He is also the author of a collection of short stories, The Doctor and the Heretic and Other Stories (Black Oak Media, 2011, http://www.blackoakmedia.org/)."

Said of the book

“Andy Nowicki is the Aldous Huxley of the Alternative Right.” — James J. O’Meara

“Americans are taught to prize comfort, security, longevity, and personal freedom above all things. And Americans fear death above all things. How, then, can America cope with enemies, such as Muslim jihadists, who are willing to sacrifice their very lives for a higher good? In Under the Nihil, Andy Nowicki offers a stunningly plausible answer: by inventing a new psychoactive drug that aims to deliver ‘the fruits of faith, together with the luxuries of faithlessness.’ But can America afford to make one more enemy who has no fear of death?” — Greg Johnson, author of Confessions of a Reluctant Hater


  • Part 1: Before the Nihil 1
  • Part 2: Into the Nihil 31
  • Part 3: Through the Nihil 80
  • About the Author 104

Publication data

Under the Nihil, Andy Nowicki, 2011, Counter-Currents Publishing, ISBN 978-1-935965-23-7


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