Taking Our Own Side

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Taking Our Own Side
Cover of the first edition
Author(s) Michael J. Polignano
Cover artist Peter Paul Rubens
Country USA
Language English
Genre(s) Politics
Publisher Counter-Currents Publishing
Publication year 2010
Pages 194
ISBN 978-1-935965-01-5

Taking Our Own Side is a 194 page long book written by the US activist and polemicist Michael J. Polignano. The book was published in 2010 and is a collection of articles written by Polignano and is divided into parts based on subject. It iss the first book by the author and also the first book published by the relatively recently arrived publisher Counter-Currents Publishing. The foreword is written by US professor Kevin MacDonald, whom in turn is perhaps best known for his authorship of the book The Culture of Critique.

The book contains articles written by Polignano while he was a student at Emery University, and a few of them from the time after graduation. The contents of the book range from Polignano's experiences with so-called political correctness, to the debate on the sexes and further on why he thinks it perfectly natural (and necessary) for White persons (persons of European descent) to engage in the politics of identity.

From the back of the book

“Today’s college graduates emerge zombie-like, mouthing politically correct platitudes they heard from their brilliant professors, mindlessly looking forward to an impossible future of racial harmony where the White minority adapts seamlessly and joyously to life among their non-White brothers. Michael Polignano somehow managed to overcome all that. And what’s really amazing is that he did it while still a college student. . . . Mike Polignano gets it. This is about racial survival. . . . People like Michael Polignano are a rare and courageous breed. We need a lot more like him. And we have to find ways to sup-port them financially as they continue their careers as effective writers and activists on behalf of the White majority of America.”

–Kevin MacDonald, author of The Culture of Critique

“Over the years, whenever there’s been a demonstration or activity to support our beleaguered people, I have run into Mike Polignano. In this remarkable collection of essays, I have discovered another Mike: a writer as well as a doer, who eloquently shatters the dogmas of our soft totalitarian system. If, when still an undergraduate, he made the learned doctors and esteemed savants of Emory University look like unlettered fools, the reader can well imagine what awaits him in this, Mike’s first book.”

Michael O'Meara, author of Toward The White Republic

“This collection of essays demonstrates, rather refreshingly, the comprehensive failure of modern university education in America. It pleases me to imagine Michael Polignano’s Leftist former professors — what one can only imagine to have consisted of a troop of bearded, sandaled, coprocephalous, foaming-at-the-mouth Marxist propagandists, perverts, freaks, weirdos, and pathological albophobes — rending their garments and banging their heads against rough granite walls, tormented, infuriated, and exasperated by their former pupil’s cheerful rejection of the ideology of progress, political correctness, and leveling-down egalitarianism.”

Alex Kurtagić, author of Mister"

From the inside flap

"Michael Polignano first came to national attention in 2000 when, as an undergraduate at Emory University, he ignited a storm of controversy by writing in the school newspaper about the scientifically established fact that racial differences are largely genetic.

Taking Our Own Side is a collection of 45 short essays, editorials, reviews, and satires. These lucidly written, carefully reasoned essays are profound, poignant, and occasionally prophetic. They are also sometimes brutally frank and hilariously funny.

Michael Polignano shows how to make the most radical positions seductively reasonable. Taking Our Own Side establishes him as one of the most compelling and versatile writers in the North American New Right."

About the author

Michael J. Polignano was born in 1980 in Frederick, Maryland. He graduated from Emory University in 2002. He is a writer, publisher, activist, and Information Technology consultant based in San Francisco. This is his first book.


  • Foreword by Kevin MacDonald
  • Preface
  • The Morality of White Survival
  • 1. Taking Our Own Side
  • 2. White Pride & White Guilt
  • 3. The Ethics of Racial Preservation: Frank Salter’s On Genetic Interests
  • Diversity = Death
  • 4. No Place Like Home
  • 5. The All-American
  • 6. Potemkin Equality
  • 7. Indigenous Peoples Day
  • 8. The Browning of America
  • 9. Scientific American on the Reality of Race
  • 10. Defensible Racism: Edgar Steele’s Defensive Racism
  • 11. Educators Baffled by Stubborn Achievement Gap
  • 12. “Just Go!”
  • White Racial Activism
  • 13. A Revolutionary Act
  • 14. Why I am Not a Conservative
  • 15. A Party of Our Own, Part I
  • 16. A Party of Our Own, Part II
  • 17. My Awakening Too
  • 18. Motivation
  • 19. Meet, Eat, & Move Forward
  • 20. Real History, Real Community
  • 21. What We Can Learn from Leftists
  • Sexual Politics
  • 22. Sex Differences
  • 23. Women & White Nationalism
  • 24. Strong Women
  • 25. The Return of Eugenics
  • 26. Race-Mixing vs. Diversity
  • Mike vs. Emory: A Case Study of Political Correctness on Campus
  • 27. Mike vs. Emory
  • 28. Emory Must Choose: Unity or Diversity
  • 29. Genes May Determine Racial Attributes
  • 30. An Open Response to President Chace
  • 31. The Racial Intelligence Gap is Still an Unresolved Issue
  • 32. Political Correctness Doesn’t Bring Reconciliation
  • 33. A Balance Must be Struck Between Nature & Man
  • 34. Apathy Elimination: Three Suggestions
  • 35. Is Diversity Really a Strength?
  • 36. “What to Do?”
  • Sports
  • 37. Swimming Lessons
  • 38. Elusive American Virtues & the Olympics
  • Jewish Questions
  • 39. The Christ-Killers Today
  • 40. Fantasizing Fascism
  • 41. Wagner: Desecrated but not Defeated
  • The Passing Scene
  • 42. Nader Inspires Hope (2000)
  • 43. September 11, 2001
  • 44. Students for Proposition 54
  • 45. Vote for Bush (2004)
  • Index
  • About the Author

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Taking our own side, Michael J. Polignano, 2010, Counter-Currents Publishing Ltd., ISBN 978-1-935965-01-5