New Right vs. Old Right

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Cover of New Right vs. Old Right by Greg Johnson

New Right vs. Old Right is a 248 page book consisting of essays by Greg Johnson and a foreword by Kevin MacDonald.


Greg Johnson draws upon the ideas of the European New Right to promote a new approach to White Nationalist politics in North America. New Right vs. Old Right collects 32 essays in which Dr. Johnson sets out his vision of White Nationalist "metapolitics" and distinguishes it from Fascism and National Socialism (the "Old Right"), as well as conservatism and classical liberalism (the "Phony Right"). According to Johnson’s critics, "there is no such animal" as the "New Right." However, Johnson responded to these critics in New Right vs. Old Right by explaining what the term "New Right" really means in more depth and making clear the distinctions between different types of Right-wing movements and their relationships.

Johnson rejects the Old Right's party politics, totalitarianism, imperialism, and genocide in favor of the metapolitical project of constructing a hegemonic White Nationalist consciousness within a pluralistic society. Alex Linder replies that Johnson's purported right "rejects winning" because "there is no winning without violence." In the present book, Johnson has replied to the arguments of advocates of violent revolution like Linder by pointing out that certain past political and social movements succeeded without resorting to violence, and by setting down a potential path for the present White Nationalist movement to succeed in a relatively non-violent manner. But this is exactly what the so-called "Old Right" considers impractical in the coming ethno-wars. In words of Johnson himself, "I do not want anything to do with gun-toting armies of one. The only gun I want to own is made of porcelain". On the other hand, Johnson has already made it clear that he rejects violent methods because they are usually unnecessary and counter-productive, but would accept them if they were absolutely unavoidable: "If, however, one’s first instinct is to say 'I am against all violence,' that smacks of throwing the accused under the bus and covering one’s own ass" (from "On Violence", published in the present book).

Johnson argues that White Nationalists are too dependent on the model of hierarchical organizations and need also to work on creating resilient lateral networks. He offers New Rightist answers to a number of disputed questions within the White Nationalist community, including white culpability for our decline, Hitler and National Socialism, the Jewish question, the holocaust, the role of women, Christianity vs. paganism, and the relationships of populism, elitism, and democracy. He sets out some basic principles for creating a growing, resilient, networked movement. Finally, he criticizes distractions and dead-ends like "mainstreaming," conservatism, "premature" populism, and political violence.


  • Foreword by Kevin MacDonald
  • 1. Introduction
  • Politics and Metapolitics
    • 2. New Right vs. Old Right
    • 3. Hegemony
    • 4. Metapolitics and Occult Warfare
    • 5. Theory and Practice
    • 6. Reflections on Carl Schmitt's The Concept of the Political
    • 7. The Relevance of Philosophy to Political Change
    • 8. The Moral Factor
    • 9. The Psychology of Conversion
  • Disputed Questions
    • 10. Our Fault?
    • 11. The Burden of Hitler
    • 12. Dealing with the Holocaust
    • 13. White Nationalism & Jewish Nationalism
    • 14. The Christian Question in White Nationalism
    • 15. Racial Civil Religion
    • 16. That Old-Time Liberalism
    • 17. The Woman Question in White Nationalism
    • 18. Notes on Populism, Elitism, & Democracy
    • 19. The Perils of Positive Thinking
    • 20. The Politics of Resentment
    • 21. "Worse is Better"
  • Building a Movement
    • 22. Learning from the Left
    • 23. Explicit White Nationalism
    • 24. Secret Agents
    • 25. The Psychology of Apostasy
    • 26. First, Do No Harm
  • Distractions and Dead Ends
    • 27. White Nationalists and the Political "Mainstream"
    • 28. Why Conservatives STILL Can't Win
    • 29. Status Competition, Jews, and Racialist Mainstreaming
    • 30. The Laugh Test
    • 31. Premature Populism
    • 32. On Violence
  • Index

Publication Data

New Right vs. Old Right, Greg Johnson, Foreword by Kevin MacDonald, San Francisco: Counter-Currents, 2014.

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