The Homo and The Negro

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The Homo and the Negro: Masculinist Meditations on Politics and Popular Culture is a book authored by James J. O'Meara.

In The Homo and the Negro we see a pop-culture go on various matters, from movies to music to fashion, making frequent reference to masculinity and James O'Meara's interpretation of the Männerbund.

O'Meara's guiding thesis—regarding both homosexuality and negritude (hence the book’s title)—has been controversial among much of its intended White Nationalist audience.

For instance, at Occidental Dissent a well-know commenter said about the editor who published The Homo and the Negro:

Greg Johnson responds to these ["homophobic"] threads, as he’s done before, by placing James O’Meara front and center today. In your face. It says to readers and contributors at Counter-Currents, if they want me, you have to take my foul-smelling monkey, too. The second I saw the name, I clicked out of the site.

It’s because Greg is such a strong thinker and writer that he does more damage than his weird monkey whose brain is steeped in 60’s purple haze. Greg speaks and writes eloquently about White values, while at the same time he adamantly promotes a person who, in interviews and writings, pushes an agenda that is completely contrary to White values.

Good White nationalists who want to be able to believe in Greg massage their instinctive resistance until they can do that.

The book is available from Counter-Currents Publishing.

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