Confessions of a Reluctant Hater

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Confessions of a Reluctant Hater
Cover of the first English edition
Author(s) Greg Johnson
Cover artist Domenico Ghirlandaio
Country USA
Language English
Genre(s) Politics
Publisher Counter-Currents Publishing Ltd.
Publication year 2010
Pages 166
ISBN 978-1-935965-06-0

Confessions of a Reluctant Hater is a collection of articles punching in at 166 pages, mainly consisting of articles, book and film reviews and polemics written during the years 2000-2010 by the editor of publisher and think-tank Counter-Currents Publishing, Ph.D. Greg Johnson. This is his first book and is an attempt to give a broad introduction to the line of thought he brands White Nationalism. Johnson asserts that there is a double-standard in Western societies, with a main focus on his native USA, where every imaginable minority is encouraged to find and promote their identity, whilst the White majority is punished harshly in various ways for the same. The book is in a sense his memoirs describing how he moved forward from his original libertarianism to becoming one of the major voices of the diverse White identitarian block. Johnson is one of the minds behind the North-American division of the European New Right, and he is striving towards establishing Counter-Currents Publishing as a strong factor in contemporary US political and cultural landscape.

From the inside cover of the book

"Confessions of a Reluctant Hater is an accessible and challenging introduction to White Nationalism, written by one of the leading voices of the North American New Right.

Confessions of a Reluctant Hater contains 28 short essays, reviews, and opinion pieces that chronicle the author’s discovery of a white worldview and a white voice to defend it. Greg Johnson discusses multiculturalism, immigration, economic policy, the Tea Party, and the 2008 and 2010 elections, as well as Craig Bodeker’s A Conversation About Race films, Christian Lander’s Whiter Shades of Pale, and even the controversies surrounding the “Ground Zero” mosque and the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Greg Johnson also shows that White Nationalism is not a rigid, right-wing orthodoxy, by including searching and controversial essays on drug legalization, race-mixing, homosexuality, “West Coast White Nationalism,” and counter-culture guru Alan Watts. He also argues that White Nationalism will not triumph until white racial consciousness leaves its right-wing ghetto and becomes the common sense of the whole political spectrum.

Greg Johnson is a master of defending radical and uncompromising views with wit, clarity, seductive logic, and brutal frankness."

About the author

"Greg Johnson, Ph.D., is Editor-in-Chief of Counter-Currents Publishing Ltd. and Editor of the annual journal North American New Right. From 2007 to 2010 he was Editor of The Occidental Quarterly. In 2009, he created TOQ Online with Michael J. Polignano and was its Editor for its first year.

Greg Johnson is editor of Alain de Benoist, On Being a Pagan, trans. John Graham (Atlanta: Ultra, 2004); Michael O'Meara, Toward the White Republic (San Fransisco: Counter-Currents, 2010), Michael J. Polignano, Taking Our Own Side (San Fransisco: Counter-Currents, 2010), and Kerry Bolton, Artists of the Right: Resisting Decadence (San Fransisco: Counter-Currents, 2011).

This is his first book."

Said of the book

"Greg Johnson’s work is something rarely seen but badly needed on the so-called New Right. His learning is both wide and deep, but lightly worn. He is not afraid to challenge the orthodoxies of Left and Right. He brings a sensitivity both West Coast and Traditional to the cultural politics of today. The works collected here will, like his website, serve as a foundation for any serious attempt to regain control over our destiny." - James J. O'Meara

"Greg Johnson is a rare writer, in that he can combine lucid insights with humor and off-the-wall ideas, offering an analysis of contemporary Western man, culture, and society that transcends disciplinary barriers and highlights the subterranean processes that govern the grand panorama of history. This may sound grandiose and esoteric, but the reader need not fear having to push his way through a caliginous jungle of abstruse terminology and turgid, sludge-like argumentation: Johnson’s simple and easy prose makes reading about these weighty matters an effortless task, clearing the decks for the reader to rethink the world." - Alex Kurtagic, author of Mister


  • Preface · iii
  • Finding a White Voice
  • 1. Confessions of a Reluctant Hater 1
  • 2. A Nation of Immigrants? 9
  • 3. Craig Bodeker’s A Conversation About Race 15
  • 4. The Conversation Continues: Craig Bodeker’s More of . . . A Conversation About Race 23
  • 5. Smells Liks . . . White Guilt: Christian Lander’s Whiter Shades of Pale 27
  • 6. Tea Party: The Documentary Film 37
  • 7. Separatism vs. Supremacism 44
  • 8. To Cleanse America: A Modest Proposal 50
  • Polarizing Moments
  • 9. The “W” Word 54
  • 10. The 2008 Presidential Election 58
  • 11. A Tariff in Time . . . Saves Billions 62
  • 12. The Gates Controversy 66
  • 13. The Persecution of Kevin MacDonald 71
  • 14. The Persecution of American Renaissance 74
  • 15. The “Ground Zero” Mosque Controversy 78
  • 16. The 2010 Midterm Elections 81
  • 17. Implicit Whiteness & the Republicans 86
  • White Lifestyle Politics
  • 18. West-Coast White Nationalism 92
  • 19. Is Racial Purism Decadent? 96
  • 20. Race-Mixing: Not Just for Losers Anymore? 107
  • 21. Lawyers & Sex Crimes 113
  • 22. Homosexuality & White Nationalism 121
  • 23. Drug Legalization in the White Republic 126
  • 24. Redneck Rousseau: Jim Goad’s Shit Magnet 130
  • 25. It’s Time to STOP Shopping for Christmas 136
  • 26. Merry Christmas, Infidels! 140
  • 27. Remembering Alan Watts 145
  • 28. The Spiritual Materialism of Alan Watts 150
  • About the Author 158

Publication data

Confessions of a Reluctant Hater, Greg Johnson, 2010, Counter-Currents Publishing, ISBN 978-1-935965-06-0


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