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The American Nationalist Union (ANU) is a nationalist group in the United States. They publish a newspaper: The Nationalist Times and have a news website.

Founded in 1995, the American Nationalist Union is the largest nationalist political organization in the United States. The ANU is not affiliated with any political party; rather it supports individual candidates and third parties which share the same basic outlook.

The American Nationalist Union is unabashedly pro-American in outlook. Our monthly newspaper, The Nationalist Times, promotes a common sense, intelligent and passionate alternative to the reigning ideological orthodoxy.

America badly needs a united bloc of voters who will vote for those candidates who stand for nationalist principles. It's time to end the fracturing of America's dispossessed majority into hundreds of splinter groups. A united bloc of nationalist Americans can elect a government which will serve the great Middle American core which built America and which still sustains it, but which finds itself today without political representation.

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