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National Policy Institute
National Policy Institute.png
Existence 2005—present
Type research foundation
Purpose Paleoconservatism
Race realism
American nationalism
Location Whitefish, Montana
United States
Affiliation Alternative Right
Leader Louis R. Andrews (2005-2011)
Richard B. Spencer (2011-present)

The National Policy Institute is an independent research and educational U.S. foundation, headquartered in Whitefish, Montana. It may be seen as a think thank promoting the interests of Europeans/Caucasians.


In an August 7, 2005 speech on NPI’s vision, Chairman William Regnery II said, "The National Policy Institute is a Washington, D.C.–based research foundation that educates the public on trends and policies which affect the interests of the United States’ historic majority population. NPI seeks to elevate the consciousness of whites, ensure our biological and cultural continuity, and protect our civil rights. The institute will investigate issues of interest to the white community. It will study the consequences of the ongoing influx that non-Western populations pose to our national identity. NPI is guided in its work by the wisdom and vision of the Founders, whose purpose was to establish ‘a more perfect Union’ for the benefit of ‘ourselves and our posterity.’"

The NPI's "About" pages states, "Have you ever wondered, “why isn’t there an organization that works for us?” From African-Americans to illegal immigrants—from lesbians to left-handers—every ethnic and interest group has its own lobby or cultural foundation. The exception is White Americans—our country’s historic majority and founding population—the people that bears the unique heritage of Europe, Christianity, cultural excellence, and the scientific awakening... ...So why isn’t there an organization that has our interests at heart? Or maybe the question should be, why isn’t there an organization that has our children’s interest at heart—as well as those of our grandchildren and generations yet to be born. Don’t they deserve to live in a country akin to that of their ancestors’? At the National Policy Institute, we think they do."

Reports & Controversies

The Institute's scholars have produced a series of reports on affirmative action, race and conservatism, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the report The State of White America-2007.

In October 2013 in London's Mayfair Richard Spencer was one of the speakers at the Traditional Britain Group's Annual Conference, the theme that year being "The Future of the Nation State".

The NPI's conference to held on the first weekend in October 2014 in Budapest, was, just prior to taking place, condemned by the Hungarian Government as "racist", doubtless with other forces behind the scenes at work. Serious efforts were made to stop the conference taking place, with the original hotel being forced by the government to cancel its function rooms booking, police harrassment of attendees and the arrest of Richard Spencer for "failing to carry his passport" in the city.[1]

Washington Summit Publishers

Washington Summit Publishers is the organizations publications wing. It publish and sells books on genetics, anthropology, and human biodiversity. Radix journal, WSP's imprint, is a series dedicated to the intersection of culture, genetics, and society.

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The 2017 Unite the Right event‎ was followed by various internet providers and services shutting down National Policy Institute.

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