White Patriot Party

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White Patriot Party
Southern nationalism.png
The WPP used the Rebel Flag.
Political position Southern nationalism
White nationalism
Leader Glenn Miller
Country United States
Existence 1980–1987
Headquarters North Carolina

The White Patriot Party (WPP) was a Southern nationalist and White nationalist political organization based in North Carolina in the 1980s. Its leader was Glenn Miller.



Background and origins

The WPP had its roots in an organization called the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which existed as a minor group in the early 1980s. Under the leadership of Glenn Miller and others, this group changed its name to White Patriot Party and grew by leaps and bounds. Miller had previously been associated with the National Socialist Party of America.[1]

Height in the mid-1980s

Members of the WPP taking part in a march.

By 1985, the group boasted that it had 5,000 members and financial supporters. Even hostile media sources conceded the group had at least 3,000 active supporters in North Carolina.

The WPP turned out hundreds of marchers at several of its events in the mid-1980s, attesting to its support. The party had a populist appeal, which attracted working-class whites. The party sometimes wore military fatigues and carried the Rebel Flag. Due to this the media attempted to portray it as a "paramilitary" group, however, this was untrue.

The WPP also won considerable support in North Carolina by its populist economic message: It spread the word that the bad economic climate for farmers was caused by international Jewish bankers.

SPLC lawsuit

In 1982, members of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan / White Patriot Party allegedly terrorized the Black Bobby Person and others. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) brought a civil lawsuit against the organization. The court dismissed the plaintiffs' claim for damages.

However, the case had other effects, as the court issued consent orders involving the organization's leader Glenn Miller and his followers, which Miller violated, causing him to be sentenced to prison.

Later trials

After this, during his probationary period, Miller issued a "declaration of war", a hit list, and was found in possession of a large cache of weapons. Threatened with a 200 years sentence, in exchange for a five years sentence (and serving only three), Miller agreed to testify against others. He testified regarding a multiple murder case against two other members of the White Patriot Party. They were acquitted, with Miller considered a dubious witness. They were found guilty of unrelated weapons charges. Miller also testified at the Fort Smith Sedition Trial, where the defendants were acquitted, in part because Miller was considered a dubious witness. He also alleged that he had received $200,000 from the Silent Brotherhood in order to finance the White Patriot Party.[2]

The organization went into decline in association with this.

Political positions

WPP leader Glenn Miller's goal was the eventual establishment of an ethnostate. Said Miller: "[Our goal is] Southern Independence. The creation of an all-white nation within the one million square miles of Mother Dixie. We have no hope for Jew York City or San Fran-sissy-co and other areas that are dominated by Jews, perverts, and communists and non-white minorities and rectum-loving queers." (Miller, quoted in Ridgeway, 119)

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