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Michael Stanley "Mike" Norris (December 9, 1959 - March 12, 2005) was a White nationalist and a former member of the National Alliance. He was involved in two White nationalist connected plots one being the proposed invasion of the island of Dominica (Operation Red Dog) and Bob Mathews' Silent Brotherhood.

In 1979 Mike Norris was the Alabama state information office under Grand Dragon Don Black. At the time both were affiliated with David Duke’s Ku Klux Klan organization.

In Operation Red Dog, Norris was found innocent in Louisiana in 1981 of plotting to overthrow the government of the Caribbean island of Dominica. His co-defendeds Don Black and Danny Hawkins were convicted.[1] Others involved in the plot previously pleaded guilty.

On the Silent Brotherhood related charge, Mike Norris was sentenced to five years in prison for accessory after the fact to a robbery of a Brinks armored car. He was accused of acting as lookout for Richard Scutari as they drove through Utah in December 1984.

In both cases Mike Norris refused to accept a plea or turn state’s evidence against his comrades.

On March 12, 2005, Mike Norris died of congested heart failure at the hospital in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


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