Generation Identity: A Declaration of War Against the '68ers

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Generation Identity: A Declaration of War Against the '68ers
Cover of the first English edition
Author(s) Markus Willinger, Philippe Vardon (Foreword)
Country London
Language English
Genre(s) Politics
Publisher Arktos
Publication year 2013
Pages 103
ISBN 9781907166419

Generation Identity: A Declaration of War Against the '68ers is a 103 page book by Austrian author, activist Markus Willinger.

This book does not attempt to explain how or why the current circumstances came to be, but only of their effect on the current generation. Mr Willinger presents these grievances in a very short and concise manner. These grievances are centered around as the author believes is caused by the previous generation preoccupation with equality. The author cites that because of these grievances that it is an act of war and that it is time for the older generations to step aside and let the new generation fix the broken society that the West has become.

Back Cover Text

The denial of the European peoples' right to their own heritage, history and even their physical homelands has become part of the cultural fundament of the modern West. Mass immigration, selective and vilifying propaganda, and a constant barrage of perverse or, at best, pointless consumer culture all contribute to the transformation of Europe into a non-entity. Her native population consists mostly of atomistic individuals, lacking any semblance of purpose or direction, increasingly victimized by a political system with no interest in the people it governs. There are many views on how this came to be, but the revolt of May 1968 was certainly of singular importance in creating the apolitical, self-destructive situation that postmodern Europe is in today.

This, however, is no history book. It is not primarily about how this came to be, but rather what can and should be done about it and, more to the point, who will do it. After the treachery of the political, journalistic and academic pseudo-elites and the complacency of an entire generation of Europeans which enabled it, it falls upon the young - the foremost victims of the derailing of Western society - to turn the tide.

In Generation Identity, activist Markus Willinger presents his take on the ideology of the budding identitarian movement in 41 brief and direct chapters. Willinger presents a crystal-clear image of what has gone wrong, and indicates the direction in which we should look for our solutions. Moving seamlessly between the spheres of radical politics and existential philosophy, Generation Identity explains in a succinct, yet poetic fashion what young Europeans must say - or should say - to the corrupt representatives of the decrepit social structures dominating our continent. This is not a manifesto, it is a declaration of war.

About the Author

Markus Willinger was born in 1992 and grew up in Schärding am Inn, Austria. He has been politically active on the alternative Right since he was fifteen years old, and studied history and political science at the University of Stuttgart. He addressed the Traditional Britain Group Annual Conference in London in October 2013.

Table of Contents


  • The Front Line by Philippe Vardon

Publication Data

Generation Identity: A Declaration of War Against the '68ers, Markus Willinger, 2013, Arktos, ISBN: 9781907166419


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