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Alliansen (English: Alliance) is a 21st century Norwegian nationalist political party.


It's impetus was what the party terms the fraudulent signing of the European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement in Corfu on June 24, 1994 by the Norwegian Government. This happened despite the Norwegian peoples' vote, twice, saying NO to EU membership, in 1972 and 1994. The Alliance claims legal experts have long argued that the Agreement is in violation of the country's Constitution and the party calls for a referendum on Norway's EEA membership.

Recent observations

The Alliance has been encouraged by numerous developments.

The vote in the United Kingdom in 2016 means that the EU and the world will no longer the same after BREXIT, and also with Donald Trump as new president in the United States. In the referendum in Britain on June 23, 2016, a majority of the UK's population said NO to continued British membership of the EU (member since 1973).

Then the people of the United States followed this new political trend on November 8, 2016 when they chose – across the interests of the establishment in Washington D.C. – the outsider, Donald Trump, as the 45th president of the United States.

In the Italian vote on 4 December 2016, a resounding NO was returned against the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s reforms. The EU-friendly Renzi then announced his departure. Two EU-critical protest parties, the center-oriented Five-Star movement and the separatists of the Lega Nord are considered the winners of the election. The election was interpreted by many as a protest against Italian EU membership.

In Germany the new Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) Party challenges Chancellor Angela Merkel’s irresponsible and disastrous mass-immigration policy. The AfD has surprised the established parties, gaining nearly 20% support in several elections.

In Sweden some argue there is almost a political state of emergency in the Riksdag. The Sweden Democrats Party and their charismatic leader Jimmy Åkesson are in strong position to become that country’s second largest party. The Swedish Social Democratic Party have permitted an irresponsible mass-immigration policy of non-European aliens, which has led to major economic and cultural problems with a terrifying increase in serious crime.

In Spain and Greece, the traditional European two-party system of the post-1945 era, with a party to the Left and a party to the so-called Right, has been broken by protest parties that have arisen in the wake of the Euro crisis. In Spain, the Euro-sceptic and socialist Podemos Party (founded in March 2014) now have strong support. In Greece, Syriza, founded in 2004 as a coalition of radical Left-wing parties, is now the largest party in the country. Although Syriza is now in government, they have failed to withdraw Greece from the EU.

Long-term aims

Bjørn Christian Rødal, a Vice-President of Norway's Alliansen.

The Alliance wants to become a broad, popular and inter-political grouping with an appeal to voters in all the Norwegian parties who will firstly unite for a referendum to produce a resounding NO TO EEA, on the basis of the peoples' sovereignty and the Constitution which includes: that the Kingdom of Norway is a free, independent, indivisible kingdom! The Allance's struggle is about Norway’s own right to full national responsibility for the country’s resources, economic policy and immigration policy.

The Party wants a new, broad economic and cultural co-operation with our allies throughout Europe, and partnerships across the world can be developed in a positive spirit outwith the EEA. In particular they seek long-term co-operation with the United Kingdom. The party expects that BREXIT and probably more future EU announcements will open up new opportunities for co-operation in Europe based on free and independent states.

On 21 October 2017 Bjørn Christian Rødal, a Vice-President of Alliansen, addressed the annual conference of the Traditional Britain Group in Mayfair, London.