The Prison Notes

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The Prison Notes
Cover of the first English edition
Author(s) Corneliu Zelea Codreanu,Julius Evola
Country USA
Language English
Genre(s) Politics
Publisher Reconquista Press
Publication year 2011
Pages 132
ISBN 978-1456540760

The Prison Notes is a 132 page book written by Romanian nationalist politician, philosopher, lawyer and activist Corneliu Codreanu. The foreword of the book is written by the Romanian legionary Faust Bradesco, living in exile in France. In addition to containing the prison notes by Codreanu's hand is also included every essay on Codreanu and his organization The Iron Guard by baron Julius Evola, whom met Codreanu in his Bucharest home.

The book contains the notes done by Codreanu the last six months of his life, whilst he was being held imprisoned by the order of anti-nationalist forces around and including king Carol of Romania. The short notes make out about half the book, which otherwise is filled with little known photographs of Codreanu and relevant persons, in addition to the articles signed Julius Evola. The book ends a short period of time before Codreanu and his companions were dragged out of the prison and murdered, before being buried in concrete a few hours later.

Key Quotes from Prison Notes

  • "What I cannot understand are the plots and all the diabolic plans which are plotting to destroy me and my movement. It seeks at any cost anything, in order to wrest a large condemnation. Either reopening in some form the process of Duca, or my involvement in the process of Stelescu, or the declaration as anarchic and terrorist the Movement so far and attempting a condemnation on this issue. A condemnation easily obtained by an order. Yet public opinion can discern in them the conscience of our innocence. And our sacrifice will rise up to heaven, and God, the supreme Judge, will hear us. My soul is filled with injustice."
  • "The Tribunal, without having any proof, even the smallest amount of evidence, has answered affirmative to all accusations, condemning me to 10 years of hard labor. A great injustice! Receive God and my suffering, for the good, for the flowering of our People. Pain by pain, torment by torment, suffering by suffering, wound by wound, in bodies and souls, tomb by tomb, so we will win..."

Cover text

"Corneliu Zelea Codreanu was the founder and leader of the Legion of St. Michael the Archangel, otherwise known as the Iron Guard, in Romania between 1927 and 1938. While many of the revolutionary nationalist movements of the period are long forgotten, Codreanu's movement continues to be studied today. The reason is because Codreanu envisioned the Legion as being not simply a political movement, but rather a knightly order in which all members were suffused with the spirit of God, self-sacrifice and the essence of the Romanian people. This is no more evident than in his Prison Notes, which he kept after being imprisoned on false charges by the government. Although the judiciary was unwilling to sentence him to more than ten years' labour, Codreanu was 'shot while trying to escape' shortly after these notes were written. His body was then rendered unrecognisable with acid and clandestinely buried under seven tons of concrete to hide the crime. The Prison Notes are the testimony of a man who, while disappointed by the corruption and ill treatment he faces, remains strengthened by the power of his faith and commitment to a higher cause.

Also included in this volume are translations of all of Julius Evola's essays on the subject of Codreanu. Evola, who met Codreanu in Bucharest shortly before his arrest, recognised in Codreanu a kindred spirit who saw profane politics only as a means toward a restoration of genuine hierarchy and aristocracy.

We have also appended a series of rarely-seen photos of the Iron Guard and Codreanu to this volume to complete the record of a movement which has withstood and transcended the test of time."[1]

Table of contents

  • Introduction 7
  • Foreword 13
  • Tuesday, 19 April 1938 15
  • Holy Easterm 24 April 1938 18
  • Wednesday, 27 April 24
  • Friday, 29 April 26
  • Sunday, 1 May 26
  • Thursday, 5 May 28
  • Sunday, 8 May 28
  • Monday, 9 May 30
  • Tuesday, 10 May 30
  • Friday, 13 May 32
  • Sunday, 15 May 33
  • Monday, 16 May 33
  • Tueday, 17 May 34
  • Friday, 27 May 35
  • Sunday, 29 May 39
  • Notes on the Trial 40
  • Friday, 3 June 42
  • The Campaign of Hatred 42
  • The Condemnation of the Church 43
  • Saturday, 4 June 44
  • Monday, 6 June 44
  • Tuesday, 7 June 45
  • Thursday, 9 June 49
  • Friday, 10 June 50
  • Monday, 13 June 51
  • Tuesday, 14 June 51
  • Wednesday, 15 June 52
  • Friday morning, 17 June 54
  • Friday evening, 17 June 55
  • Sunday, 19 June 55
  • Appendix 1: Articles on Codreanu and the Iron Guard by Julius Evola 62
  • Foreword to the Appendix 63
  • An Interview with Codreanu 65
  • Nationalism and Ascesis: The Iron Guard 69
  • In the Aftermath of Codreanu's Murder 73
  • Voices from Beyond the Grave 79
  • The Tragedy of the Romanian Iron Guard 85
  • My Meeting with Codreanu 101
  • Appendix 2: Photographs of Codreanu and the Iron Guard 105

Publication data

The Prison Notes, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, 2011, Reconquista Press, ISBN 978-1456540760


  1. Corneli Codreanu The Prison Notes (Reconquista Press, 2011)

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