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Martin A. Larson (March 2, 1897 – January 15, 1994) was an American author on the origins of Christianity. He also wrote several books on the Federal Reserve System and money issues.


  • The Essene-Christian Faith (1989, 273 pp. ISBN 0-939482-16-9). Larson's views on the development of the Essene movement.
  • New Thought: A Modern Religious Approach (1985, 458 pp. ISBN 0-8022-2464-4). A historical overview of the New Thought movement, giving it origins in the European Enlightenment of the 18th century. New Thought broadly describes the set of religions that claim to be based on the Bible and Jesus Christ but which, in Larson's view, reject many basic Christian doctrines : Phineas Quimby, Warren Felt Evans, and Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science. Modern New Thought institutions: the Church of Divine Science, Unity, the Churches of Religious Science, and the International New Thought Alliance.
  • Martin Larson's Best (1984, ISBN 0-935036-06-7)
  • The I.R.S. vs. The Middle Class (1980-02, 209 pp. ISBN 0-8159-5824-2)
  • Jefferson: Magnificent Populist A collection of quotes from Thomas Jefferson, organized into Larson's categories.
  • The Continuing Tax Rebellion (1979, 273 pp., ISBN 0-8159-5220-1)
  • Tax Revolt: U.S.A. (first printing, 1973, 283 pages Library of congress catalog number 72-97025). Why and how Thousands of Patriotic Americans Refuse to Pay the Income tax.
  • The Story of Christian Origins (1977, 711 pp. ISBN 0-88331-090-2 ). First published as The Religion of the Occident 1959, this expanded volume details the synthesis of facts regarding the Christian epic, from its pagan origins, Palestinian primary and secondary sources, and age-old religious concepts introduced by the Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Persions, Buddhists, Greeks, Jews, Phrygians, and Syrians. It also examines the soteriology, eschatology, ethics, and the Messianic concept which make up Christianity.
  • The Religious Empire: The growth and danger of tax-exempt property in the United States (1976, 281 pp., ISBN 0-88331-082-1)
  • The Federal Reserve (Devin-Adair Publishing, 1975, ISBN 0-8159-5514-6)
  • The Great Tax Fraud: How the Federal government favors the rich and exploits the masses (1968, 326 pp., ISBN B0007E793A)


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