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Curtis Bean Dall (October 24, 1896 – June 28, 1991) was an American stockbroker, Vice-Presidential candidate, author, and the first husband of Anna E. Roosevelt. In 1971, he became Chairman of the Board of Policy for the rightist group Liberty Lobby.


Dall was born in New York City, the son of Charles and Mary Dall, and grew up on a farm in Piscataway Township, New Jersey. He attended Princeton University,[1] became a stockbroker and was on the floor on Black Tuesday, the day of the 1929 Stock Market crash.

Anna's father was the 32nd U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, her mother the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt. After briefly attending Cornell University, she was married for the first time, in Hyde Park, New York, in 1926 to stockbroker Curtis Bean Dall. They had two children: Anna Eleanor Roosevelt on March 25, 1927, and Curtis Roosevelt on April 19, 1930. "Mrs. Dall was divorced from her first husband, Curtis B. Dall, July 30, at Minden, Nev." (Syracuse Herald, January 18, 1935, p. 11.) Six months after her divorce, on January 18, 1935, she married journalist John Boettiger.

Curtis Dall is most well-known in recent times for his book My Exploited Father-in-law, in which he speaks of his father-in-law, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and his relationship with, as he saw them, the corrupt power of the banking elite of the time. In reference to the Great Depression of the 1930s he states: "Actually it was the calculated 'shearing' of the public by the World Money-Powers, triggered by the planned sudden shortage of the supply of call money in the New York money market."

Dall was the chairman of the board of the Amalgamated Broadcasting System.[2]

Dall became involved with the "racist Right's ill-fated efforts at forming a third party".[3] In 1960 the Texas-based Constitution Party put-up retired Marine Corps Brigadier General Merritt B. Curtis for president, and campaign manager Curtis B. Dall for vice-president.

In 1968, his name was filed for the Presidential primaries in New Hampshire. In 1971, he was Chairman of the Liberty Lobby.[1]

He died in Beaufort, South Carolina in 1991, aged 94.


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