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Verne Paul Kaub (July 4, 1884 - September 6, 1964) was a Wisconsin journalist and a political/religious activist. Kaub was born in Michigan in 1884 and raised in Indiana. For brief period he was active with Socialist Party of America in Pennsylvania. In 1913 he moved to Watertown, Wisconsin. In the 1930 Kaub became aware of the growing influence of communism within the Congregational Church and other liberal churches. In 1949 he founded the American Council of Christian Laymen (1949-1964). He was research director of the National Council for American Education.

Kaub was a member of the Liberty Lobby Board of Policy.[1]


  • Collectivism Challenges Christianity (1946)
  • The Federal Council of Churches takes its stand with enemies of America (1951)
  • Communist-Socialist Propaganda in American Schools (1953)
  • Satan Goes to School, American Council of Christian Laymen, (1956)