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American Action Committee was formed at Chicago’s Palmer House by Merwin K. Hart and 40 other leading nationalists on July 30 and 31 1945.[1] A few of these key individuals were Upton Close, Salem Bader, John T. Flynn, De Witt Emery, Maurice F. Franks, Congressman Sam Pettengill, William H. Regnery, Col. Charles Vincent, A. Dewight Nims, Rev. Norman Vincent Peale, George Washington Robnett, William A. Larner Jr., R. E. Minnis and Thomas N. Creigh.[2]

Many of the leaders of this group were previously associated with the America First Committee and the American Liberty League. In 1946 the American Action Committee became American Action, Inc. One purpose of the group was to counter the activities of the Congress of Industrial Organization’s Political Action Committee.

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