William Potter Gale

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William Potter Gale

William Potter Gale (November 20, 1916 - April 28, 1988) born in St. Paul, Minnesota. He served under General Douglas MacArthur in World War Two and retried at the rank of Army lieutenant colonel in the 1950s. He retired from Hughes Aircraft, became an ordained Christian Identity minister in 1956 and later started his own Christian Identity ministry.

In May 1957 he became chairman of the Constitution Party of California. He was a member of the Christian Knights of the Invisible Empire.

In 1969 Gale launched the United Christian Posse Association which became a model for the militant Posse Comitatus.

William Potter Gale was allegedly half-Jewish with the family name of Grabifker.[1] His father Charles Grabifker left Russia and arrived in North Dakota, United States in 1894. Charles changed his name to Gale, married Mary Agnes Potter--who was of English heritage--and raised their children as Christians.

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