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Christian Identity is a religious movement that originated in the United States from British Israelism, often including (certain) other White groups as stated Israelites. It is not an organized religion, but divided into different groups and individuals with differing views.

Such views may include creationism with different creation processes for different races, religious rejection of race mixing, Britain and/or the United States having special significance, divine inspiration regarding important historical founding British/United States legal documents, rejection of certain central government interventions as being against these documents and that may cause associations with the Posse Comitatus (movement), Jews as originating from Satan, and/or a soon arriving Armageddon to be prepared for, which may cause associations with survivalism and/or militias.[1]

Politically correct sources, such as the leftist Wikipedia, makes numerous dubious claims regarding the movement, often even lacking a dubious claimed source.

There have been associations between some stated associated groups or individuals and crimes/alleged crimes, such as regarding the Aryan Nations, The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord, the Phineas Priesthood, the Silent Brotherhood, and at the Ruby Ridge. However, even Wikipedia has difficulty finding any recent allegations.

The FBI claimed in a 1989 document probably less than 2,000 followers in the United States, possibly far fewer.[1] Several of the groups mentioned by the FBI are now apparently inactive.

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